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  1. I posted something very similar a while ago. I have the same lens, which is supported by the database used, it's just not automatically found and corrected due to the lack of EXIF data. I made the same suggestion a month or so back and feel like it would be a very easy feature to add and would benefit a lot of people!
  2. Thank you! I just posted a similar suggestion there but I'll remove to avoid duplication.
  3. From my understanding, there are a vast number of lenses that are capable of being automatically corrected in raw processing, however, a large number of these lenses are either manual or legacy glass which are not automatically identified. Instead of going through the hassle of adding exif data (which has still not worked in my experience), could a simple drop down be added to manually select these lenses and the corresponding corrections?
  4. Is there ever going to be an option to search lenses that might not have exif data? I shoot a lot of manual and legacy lenses, which are supported per the database above, however they aren't automatically identified (obviously) and even manually changing exif data does not help Affinity to recognize these lenses. It's pretty frustrating when I know the lenses are supported but cannot use the profile. (split)