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  1. Many thanks for the links AmandaW - I was wondering the same
  2. Thank you for your consideration MEB, it's very much appreciated! I'm running the final version of NoiseNinja which is 2.4.1 (dated 2004). NoiseNinja can be found over here.The current version of PhotoNinja looks to be 1.3.5c, but unfortunately I don't have a license for it. Still, if you're able to get PhotoNinja running that might be sufficient to incite an upgrade.
  3. getting back to the other half of my question, is anyone able to point me in the direction of a resource that details how to troubleshooting PS plugins that fail to work with AP?
  4. Thank you αℓƒяє∂, What confused me initially was finding this post which suggested there was an official information source. I'm starting to wonder if @MEB == Miguel? edit: phrasing
  5. Hi there All, I'm new to Affinity Photo - I purchased a license today. I'm migrating from PS CS4 on MacOS of which I've been an occasional user for about a decade, and which no longer works well enough for my simple needs (stability issues). I've relied on on NoiseNinja from PictureCode for years to remove noise from photos taken by my Canon DSLR (camera of similar vintage) and would very much like to continue using it with AP, but it's not listed in the Photoshop plugin list. The Nik collection (located in another subfolder of the same plugins folder added to the search folder list) is listed though (some marked as status unknown, as expected). I've read Why is noise ninja plugin not working, as well as Miguel's plugin support list, I understand that somewhere there is a master list of plugins and their known status. Could someone point me at this list (I couldn't find it during an earlier search), as well as suggest where to get more information on troubleshooting plugins (logs or similar?) on mac. My thanks in advance for your consideration - I'm looking forward to learning from many of you through copious forum lurking. Tosis
  6. Tosis

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello All, I'm a very occasional photo hobbiest and ICT infrastructure professional. Most of my graphics work is to do with adjusting travel photos and drone footage. Through a few twists of the extended family tree I'm related to Geoff Spiby, an accomplished underwater photographer, who from time to time has prodded me in better creative or technical directions. I'm replacing Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS4 with ACDSee Photo Studio and Affinity Photo so there's going to be much to learn!