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  1. it used to update the image but now the continuous feature in export slices isn't working at all or updating the image ...? nvm I just haven't used this in a while I guess it never could reopen itself when i edit in another program it only resaves itself
  2. wow thanks that is what I was looking for!
  3. wouldn't let me install over a newer version so I had to uninstall 1.6.4 and then reinstall 1.6.2 and now it keeps popping up the 'new version' dialog =/ going to use it for a bit and see if it is any better
  4. no, i bought from this site half a year ago I actually just checked backups and I have a 1.6.2
  5. Where can I download an older version (binary) please? windows 64bit I was beginning to like this program, I bought the windows version of Affinity Designer but the last (couple?) updates really made this unusable for me, VERY VERY VERY BUGGY freezes or changes the mouse pointer back to windows default and can't draw anything or makes the mouse invisible?? It is only this program because I run clip studio paint pro at the same time and I switch back to CSP and the mouse is fine again... Yes, I have up to date everything (windows, graphics card, sound card, tablet) ... maybe Affinity Designer doesn't like that I have an old wacom cintiq 12wx (first version) but everything else is fine with it and I use the latest drivers .. no other problems and I do a lot of stuff with other programs (indie game designer, code, sound, draw) and no other software hides/changes the mouse pointer like Affinity does... I don't think 1.6.2 was doing this but I am not sure...I would like to go back to 1.6.2 though please is there a place to downgrade?? thanks.

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