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  1. A little more on the subject if you wish to dig deeper — Donald Knuth (of TeX fame in the typesetting world) & Michael Plass published an article in 1981 called Breaking Paragraphs into Lines. Here is the Abstract:
  2. Just a quick follow-up here. Excellent, usable interface for handling margin kerning! Thank you Serif! Can't wait for the paragaph-based comp engine!
  3. Greetings everyone, Having had a chance to peek at the Publisher Beta, I'm interested to know if there has been any follow-up with regard to implementing a microtypographical engine. A key document (for me, at any rate) is Hàn Thế Thành's 2000 dissertation Micro-typographic extensions to the TeX typesetting system (3.5 MB PDF). I generally use ConTeXt for typesetting, in part due to the excellent control over the implementation of these functions. I would love an Affinity-quality WYSIWYG typesetting program that included a similar fineness of control, at the least with margin kerning. Thanks for listening!
  4. +1 This would be extremely helpful for my workflow. I have to use Illustrator CS6 to get proper SVG files from DWG — any more recent Illustrator has trouble with the placement of layers
  5. Thanks for the response, Gabriel. What I have in mind is the black circles (in my sketch) indicating the node anchors (squares in your sketch), automatically rather than manually like in my sketch. So even in a straight pen line, if I dropped node anchors along the way, they would have a controllable color/opacity/etc. Probably not needed by many. I can go forward manually :-) Best, David
  6. Hi gang, I may be missing something right before my eyes.... but I'm struggling to find a way to control the appearance of nodes while using the pen tool. See the rectangle attached. I'd like to be able to have typical color/thickness/opacity controls for the nodes of a given pen line. Is this possible? Many thanks
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