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  1. whoops. So many Acronyms swirling around my head these days.
  2. Doesn't work. It shows in the layer column that the effect has been applied but it doesn't show on the object.
  3. Whoops, I lied. Got software mixed up. It Canvas Draw 4 that I was checking out that wants $199 or $79 a year....
  4. Yes! in fact, I'm on the hunt for a commercial vector design program and tried DrawPlus first and it crashed every time I tried to reopen my first project, and on top of that, it added a huge border to it when I exported it. And they want $199!? I'll try the workflow again and see If I can get it to work. brb...... It did the same thing as last time. I'm pretty sure I followed the directions correctly but when I drop and drag (last step) I just see the original image as it normally was when I imported it.
  5. I found the "solution." Simply drop the guide then re-engage the guide and little pop up location will be displayed. Still would like to know if there is a way to enter in a specific location.
  6. Hello. I'm on my MacBook pro running HighSierra. I started a new project for the first time during a trial period. The first time I initiated a guide it displayed where the guide was being placed. Subsequent attempts to place guides failed to show where they were being placed. Bug? Or am I doing something wrong? Also, if it is me, is there a way to enter the exact position of a guide like other similar design programs?
  7. Is there a way to change the Workspace color profile to something other than the offensive dark grey it defaults too? I looked through all the menu options and didn't see anything. I'm hoping I missed it.
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