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  1. omar salvador lahoz

    Cómo volver a la versión anterior. (1.6.9 a 1.6.8)

    Hi, apologies in advance, my language is not English so I use google translate. I’m using AP 1.6.9 on iPad Pro 10.5” Dangerous behaviors for me: 1)With the gradient tool selected, if we touch the canvas, the current layer is deselected and the lower one is selected, whether it is visible or not (why?). If we do not realize, the tools that we use will affect the layer or group selected involuntarily (and not visible) 2) If in this situation (group selected involuntarily and not visible) I select the Color Selector tool and I make a touch on the canvas, ALL the layers within the group are FILLED with the selected color (and I have not used the paint bucket tool!). At this moment I have lost the work that was in that group. I know, I can use the undo action if I realize, but sometimes I realize when too much time has passed . 3) New brush gesture: If we keep a finger pressed until the blue circle appears, each new touch of the brush will create a straight line that joins the end of the last stroke with the new touch point. The first problem is that these lines are DISPROPORTIONATELY thick. Not normal. The second problem is that the same thing happens with the ERASER tool (not documented). The third problem: I consider this gesture very "dangerous" since any finger touch or wrist on the screen can generate unintentional errors (and I assure you that they happen!). Because of this gesture I have found many lines here and there that erase or paint my work . Perhaps a new configuration option would help. 4) There is no way to fully protect the layers (why?). The padlock only prevents moving or resizing 5) And of course, the option “TOUCH ONLY FOR GESTURES” does not work. I hope you understand what I have written and I wait with crossed fingers for a solution. Thanks in advance!
  2. How can I go back to the previous version? The current one ( is full of DANGEROUS bugs
  3. I really enjoy your application but, please, develop an authentic way to block the layers to protect them COMPLETELY. I've lost several jobs by inadvertently editing layers that were not visible. Thank you very much!
  4. omar salvador lahoz

    1.6.9 Pen tool size error

    ...however, the brush tool allows you to select the unit type
  5. omar salvador lahoz

    1.6.9 Pen tool size error

    Hi Chris B, Thanks, I already did it and now it always shows with the document unit type, so, what is the use of the unit types submenu of the Pen tool?
  6. omar salvador lahoz

    1.6.9 Pen tool size error

    The pen tool only shows the size in Points (Pt). No px, cm, mm, etc etc
  7. omar salvador lahoz

    Photo 'Touch for gestures only' toggle on iPad

    True, I have also made numerous mistakes with the erase tool and the pen. It's frustrating to work with fear of inadvertently spoiling your work.
  8. omar salvador lahoz

    Bug in new photo update, inpainting brush

    "Touch for gestures only" no longer works. Only the brush works correctly. This is causing too many accidents with the rest of the tools. I'm losing faith :(
  9. omar salvador lahoz

    Photo 'Touch for gestures only' toggle on iPad

    Me sucede exactamente lo mismo después de actualizar a "Tocar solo para gestos" está activado, pero las herramientas siguen funcionando con el toque de los dedos (borrar, cubo pintura, pluma, etc.) lo que provoca contínuos accidentes al intentar mover, rotar o hacer zoom. Por favor arréglenlo. Por lo demás, muy buena actualización.
  10. omar salvador lahoz

    Please Please Please fix the pen dynamics

    Four months have passed. Something new? Thanks
  11. omar salvador lahoz

    Please Please Please fix the pen dynamics

    Same problem with iPad Pro (2018). In Procreate I can't replicate the problem.
  12. omar salvador lahoz

    Annoying Color Picker

    How about giving the option to ON/OFF this option?
  13. omar salvador lahoz

    Paintbrush delay

    I’m on an iPad Pro 2nd generation (2018), and there is a delay for a fraction of a second after I begin painting before the line starts to appear on the screen. Its very difficult to draw in this way. I also use Procreate and it works like a dream. Please advise, thanks.