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  1. I'd prefer not to rasterise it because I'd like to use this technique is for printing on shirts. That's the reason I don't want to fill the object with a color. I've attached an image that should help make it clear what my objective was. You can see a small part of the green T inside the object. No part of the T should show up inside the outlined object. There are probably different way to achieve this. Again, sorry for the confusing post
  2. Thanks all for replying. @firstdefence, that's exactly what I mean, thanks! I apologise for not being clearer.
  3. Not sure how to describe it, but let's say I create a circle with transparant background a black stroke. Then I create a text. The text intersects with the circle (see image) How can I keep the circle surface transparant but not show the layer below, so that part of the first letter doesn't show (see image)
  4. @catlover In that video he just shows how to put text in a shape unless I missed something. What I'm talking about is 'morphing' the text to the shape.as well (for example the fish in the video I linked)
  5. I have Affinity Designer and I've noticed there is no easy to warp text into a custom shape (a heart for example) like you can do in Illustrator. Example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDWcrCzzwxw Is this possible in Affinity Photo?
  6. MEB, I forgot to click on 'edit document' when dragging the svg into AD. Still learning! Thank you for the detailed explanation!
  7. MEB, I was doing it the way you described, but I noticed I only see the 'divide' option when i try it with svg files. It works fine with png files for example.
  8. Thank you Dan and MEB. Dan, your method worked great. MEB, I tried your method but the combine option is greyed out when I follow the steps (only divide is available). Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?
  9. Say I have a vector (example attached), how can I then make the visible area transparant and the transparant area visible? liftarn_Skull_07.svg
  10. Thank you gdenby, this works perfectly! The 'rasterize as mask' step is what I needed.
  11. Thank you for your reply. I am familiar with that technique, however that doesn't really accomplish what I'm aiming for. The underlying background layer needs to show through (like in the example), that is the part I'm struggling with.
  12. Hello, How can I create the 'washed & worn' look shown here: https://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/freebies/9-free-washed-worn-aged-t-shirt-effect-texture in Affinity Designer?
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