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  1. Thanks for the responses, the conclusion is a little disappointing but not unexpected. Affinity is still the way forward for me, PS is massively overpriced unless you are a professional using it daily. When I look at the cost over 10 years, given I might only use it a couple of times a month, it just doesn't make sense so I will stick with Affinity and in time I'm sure we will get the equivalent astro support. Until then I will just have to learn how to do it the hard way, I know Affinity has the functionality, I just need to learn to use it :) Jon
  2. Hi, I would like to be able to use these photoshop Actions in Affinity but the author doesn't know whether they will work. Just wondered if anyone on here knows, the site is below? https://www.eprisephoto.com/astro-actions Thanks Jon
  3. Hi, I have got the GradientXterminator free trial running ok but have to put in email address and license key each time I use it. Is this normal, will it still work like this in the full version? Thanks Jon
  4. Thanks, I worked it out. For anyone else wanting to merge HA data into an LRGB image this is how I did it. I had already fully processed my LRGB and Ha images before doing this. Create new Ha-Red file. Open LRGB and Ha Images in AF Open the LRGB Image Select LRGB Pixel Layer Right-Click LRGB Red Channel>Create Greyscale Layer. Select Greyscale Layer and Copy Open the Ha Image Paste Greyscale layer onto Ha Image and rename layer as Red. (Delete the Greyscale layer from the LRGB Image - no longer required).
  5. Hi, I have spent hours trying to do this can anyone help? Basically I have an LRGB image of the Andromeda Galaxy but want to add in some HA (additional Red) data. I have taken a copy of the original Red data from the LRGB and blended in the new HA data and now want to put this RED-HA data back into the LRGB Red channel, replacing the original Red data. I suspect I need to create a spare channel, add the RED-HA to this and then Load the Spare channel into the Background Red. If so, the bit I cant work out is how to put the RED-HA into the Spare channel. Thanks Jon
  6. Try Deep Sky Stacker (free) to do your stacking, then edit in Affinity.
  7. Thanks I will try that. Sorry for slow reply, I was waiting for a notification
  8. Having spent several hours processing an astrophotography image I am now going through all of the adjustment layers tweaking them to try an improve the image. Sometime the tweaks work sometimes they degrade the image making it look worse than before. It would be really nice if I could just cancel out of the adjustment layer on those occasions where I make things worse without trying to go back and remember what all of the previous settlings were. If there is a common solution that could be applied to all adjustments great, if not the ones that cause most hassle are Curves, Leve
  9. Hi, I'm new to Affinity so this could be user error but I'm finding that sometimes when I open a Curve Adjustment Layer there is no histogram. To give some background I have loaded three greyscale images taken with Narrow Band astrophotography filters (Essentially RGB) and mapped each image to a channel by clearing the two superfluous colours on each, and am then using Screen Mode to bring them together. I'm aiming for a Hubble Space Telescope palette. The attached screen images show one Curve adjustment layer working as I would expect with a histogram and a second without the
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