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  1. Okay, so... let me just do a rundown of what I'm doing. Dimensions 7 in x 10.5 in Margins: Inner, outer, top, bottom are all: 0.25 in. Bleed: Inner, outer, top, bottom are all: 0.25 in Am I missing something?
  2. Well I've done it at least 50 times now and it doesn't fit even slightly
  3. This doesn't work. The document is supposed to be 7" by 10.5" and when you place the image into the file -- the image is larger than the document.
  4. What about Affinity Publisher, when exporting as PDF it's all super pixelated. I need to raise the PPI.
  5. Just select what you need flipped, CTRL+X, CTRL+V, pull out the selection tool. Right click, transform, flip horizontally/vertically
  6. Oh so you're talking about doing it inside of publisher itself. I was more thinking of doing it in Affinity Designer and having a dedicated folder for CMYK versions, possibly for working with Linked images. Would it be the same workflow in ADesigner? I'm thinking this book will probably be something like 150 pages, teaching curvilinear perspective. As far as color profiles... wow... that sounds like a catch 22. If you want to get published, you have to have a finished manuscript. But if you have one, you'll have to rework the entire manuscript, almost starting from scratch. So that pretty much means you need to go self publishing. I have an audience of 1,500+ people and it's projected to grow to 10,000 by January of 2021... But each self publishing house has different page layout designs. It's hard to know where to even get started. I have this really cool beta program, but I have no idea where to even start. And now I even have to worry about color profiles. Is that something like a long list of CMYK color swatches that will print well with their printers?
  7. Okay, So I have a TON of images that are all RGB, and quite a bit of them need to be converted over to being CMYK and I have NO IDEA where to start. I'm thinking of using and eventually purchasing Affinity Publisher (I love the Affinity products, so far I own all of them).
  8. I've looked for tutorials on this topic and nothing seems to explain it. So if I have two raster layers, it's really frustrating because if I know for a fact that I want to merge those two pixel layers, the program won't let me. I try CTRL+E. Nothing. I try to rasterize the already raster pixel layer. Try CTRL+E again... Nothing. There's no way to merge these layers it seems. I I've resorted to grouping them, which still sucks. Because regardless of if I'm drawing in Affinity Photo or Affinity designer, I could have a sketch spread out on three layers, by accident and then if I need to erase, I have to juggle between all of them to figure out how to erase something that should take 1 second to accomplish. This is extremely frustrating and anything anyone can do to explain this would be freakin' awesome. ... And merging raster layers is a really super basic operation. I can't see why it wouldn't be in the program.
  9. I'd love to share these original Affinity Designer files to get these images in the Samples that load up every time I boot up Affinity Designer. I really think that my artwork could help people see the commercial value that Affinity Designer has.
  10. This will be the thumbnail for my next video. The character was drawn in Krita, everything else, Affinity Photo
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