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  1. I have been following this thread and also interested in using VectorStyler alongside AD. Today I found a 69% off promo deal and thought I would share incase anyone else was interested. I contact the folks at VectorStyler before I purchased and they confirmed the deal was legit.


    Hope it's ok to share. I have no affiliation whatsoever.

  2. 2 hours ago, Ron P. said:

    Ok, so how thick is hairline? How is it determined? Other programs do have a Hairline preset, but would it be the same, or close to what Affinity may use?

    The average Human Hair is between .04mm -.25mm. So something between those parameters? Or maybe use an animal hair, and if so which animal?

    Hairline in digital design, art programs is term used to describe the thinnest possible line that can be displayed on screen or that a printer can make. So could that vary from screen to screen, printer to printer?

    One screen pixel regardless of zoom level

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