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  1. Yes really! Actually today's exchange rate is better. If you pay in USD the price is $99.99 that's €96.40 or if you pay in EURO the price is €119.99 😉
  2. If you pay in USD you will save approx 19 Euro
  3. You may be able to find help in the below forums. https://punster.me/serif/
  4. I use eagle.cool I think I may have come across it on this forum a couple of years ago. It's regularly updated, has a low price tag and supports Affinity files
  5. I have been following this thread and also interested in using VectorStyler alongside AD. Today I found a 69% off promo deal and thought I would share incase anyone else was interested. I contact the folks at VectorStyler before I purchased and they confirmed the deal was legit. deals.bluetailcoupon.net/sales/vectorstyler-professional-illustration-software Hope it's ok to share. I have no affiliation whatsoever.
  6. When I change the document to pixels svg still exports in points.
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