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  1. Thanks. Very sad that I have to continue to use Indesign for a few years. I'm not fond of Adobe much.
  2. Is it still a dream to have official Affinity Publisher in 2019? Or we should dream again in 2020?
  3. It will be wonderful if we have another choice to drag them all and place it onto the Pages section and ready to make PDF for the press. I've done all the job in Affinity Photo already.
  4. Can't thank you enough, walt.farrell. I'm on the lastest version. I've got Place Images tab with my images but I can't drag it into the document area. Actually I can't do anything with images, right click or left click. Is that all about the version?
  5. It should be convenient to have Publisher work like PDF maker software. Now I only have to drag AP's documents one by one onto a page. Please make it happen and it will fulfill my dream like a charm!
  6. In PDF maker software, we have a convenient way to create a PDF by dragging image files into one place and hola click export. I've got tons of .afphoto files that I would like to do the same thing like I did in PDF maker. Is it possible? Now the only way I see is draggin .afphoto files onto a page one by one. Thank you!
  7. I'm running latest version of AP and CS5 on iMac Pro. Wonder why everything in AP is clearer than CS5, especially fonts. It's because CS5 doesn't support 5K display or just because AP have what it needs to utilize 5K resources? The same picture on AP is sometimes more vibrant and more saturated than it is on PS. My sample picture here need not to say which side is on AP. Thank you!
  8. OWENR, if you have any products or services, please tell me. I will buy yours immediately. I can't thank you enough. This is very important to my job. I don't know why I wait till now. Thank you! You really safe the day. I've spent countless days to research with no answer and spent several days converting back and forth from PS to AP. Now it ends!
  9. To add a point of view. I suspect that now I have a stupid workflow. I import original pic to new CMYK doc of Photoshop. Then I open the saved psd file with Affinity Photo. I apply the AP's features I like. Then export to psd again for easiness of final procedure in Indesign. I just want to know a way to do it alone in AP. I know that nothing wrong with gamut since I can import CMYK psd file with no flaw. Just don't know how to import original file into AP without color problem. Thank you!
  10. Thanks SrPx. My CMYK profile is SWOP v2 (both PS and AP) The first one is original sRGB from DAZ Studio The second one is the result of importing to new CMYK doc of Photoshop. The result is almost exactly the same to the original. The third one is imported into new CMYK doc of AP As you may notice, red level is dropped dramatically. Sometimes it's good. But most of the time I have to abandon AP because it takes too much time to adjust the color alone (I'm not such a professional and editing color is not my beloved job).
  11. RGB pic to CMYK doc of Photshop = same color as it was in RGB mode. RGB pic to CMYK doc of AP = different color. Mostly negative. I've tried to search for answer and I know that someone talk about gamut, color space, color profile, color proof, etc. But frankly with my stupidity I don't know why Photoshop can maintain the same saturation, brightness, etc, while AP can't do so. I'm not educated in digital arts enough and this really bother me for a big while. Can someone tell me the answer so I can sleep well from now on? Is it possible to have AP act like photoshop when import RGB file into CMYK doc? Thanks a real million!
  12. I've tried to save but it never happen that the new documents come up with the text style I had saved. What I've done is, select current line of text which I already resize and recolor. Select Save text styles as default. What do I miss? Thank you!