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  1. For anyone who comes across this issue, I went ahead and solved this myself by updating Windows 1511 to 1803. Here's hoping your product is better than your support system.
  2. Chris, 1. Windows is on 1511, so that's not an issue 2. Don't have Duet Display 3. Not working with Surface. 4. Completely uninstalled graphics drivers. Still does not start.
  3. It's been two weeks since I bought this software and still unable to use it. Is there a better support system through Affinity or am I stuck waiting around for you guys to respond to my forum posts?
  4. Affinity is the only application not running properly on the machine. I have many, many other programs which operate fine and are based on .NET, including some .NET development applications. What do you suggest for debugging?
  5. Is there any hope of getting some support on this? I purchased this product and can't use it. Is there somewhere else I could be contacting the support team?
  6. The only recent updates are KB4033631 and KB4021702 Tried repairing and uninstalling/reinstalling with no luck.
  7. Affinity Designer used to work fine. I purchased and installed Affinity Photo. Now neither program will launch. When I run them, I get a brief "loading" cursor and then nothing. If I open Task Manager, I can see the application running for a second, then it disappears. No error messages and nothing in the Windows logs. This is on Windows 10 Pro. Any advice?
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