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  1. I agree with you on a soul level. I might actually scream loud enough for the next complex over to hear when they come out with a LR alternative.
  2. ldelsignore

    Template creator

    OMG. YES. I dream of the day I can have an .aftemplate file or something like that. It'd save me SO much time on things like creating business cards for people and what not.
  3. Will Serif ever come out with an equivalent to Adobe Lightroom? Currently, I haven't found anything even closely similar in functionality to what LightRoom does, but yet I absolutely loathe Adobe. For several reasons, I still maintain my Adobe subscription, as I'm desperately waiting for the Affinity Designer and Photo applications to catch up (ideally surpass) Adobe's monstrosities in functionality and usability. You guys still squash them in the UI department, however, and ease of use. By. Far. I'm ready to leave Adobe forever, so... please hurry.