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  1. Hello everyone, I realize that I have not yet introduced myself, I am repairing this rudeness. I am Johan Puisais, founder of Xtendo, which is a web development and multimedia production agency. I have used Serif software in the past (Page Plus 4 in 1996). The discovery of Affinity Photo was a real favorite, Designer followed. Publisher seems to be just as promising. Affinity tools are now an integral part of my workflow. I love Affinity and its software that matches my requirements very well!
  2. Thank you Chris! I had not remade this ring Only a small red cross on the cloud that I take for an impossibility to download ... Yours, Johan
  3. Hello everyone and a big thank you for this Betâ de AP! Just a question, on the home screen it is suggested to download an example of a brochure. This link for my case does not work. Is this the case for you too? This file will arrive later? Or, is this a malfunction?
  4. Hello everyone, I am Johan Puisais a French user of AD and AP. I started for the photo with AP, then I tested AD in my web design work. I am conquered and now abandon more and more Adobe suite. Finally, I am very much looking forward to discovering Affinity Publisher. Thank you for these great software that I hope to see evolve long!
  5. Hello, I see that there is a lot of waiting around Affinity Publisher. I admit that myself, I do not spend 10 days without me coming here to see if there is news. However, I am so satisfied with AD and AP that I take my trouble. For sure, AP will be part of my graphic set when it comes out. In the meantime, I wish the Serif teams all the courage. Yours,
  6. Bonjour à tous, Oui, vraiment, ce serait une super option que de pouvoir insérer directement un hyperlien dans un SVG à partir d'Affinity Designer ! Bien cordialement ! Hello everyone, Yes, really, it would be a great option to be able to directly insert a hyperlink into an SVG from Affinity Designer! Best regards !
  7. Hello ! I just saw your answer, thanks for the follow up. I just post the 2 images again. I use Affinity Photo for Windows. Yours, I'm sure
  8. Hello Mark, I arrive a little after the battle Affinity Photo is one of my favorite software, but sometimes I have problems with raw developments. I sent you as an example 2 files (raw + jpeg via dropbox) issues without retouching of my Sony A6000. like others, when I load the raw, an inverse vignetting appears in the corners of the image, I do not have this problem in other development software ... Thank you again and congratulations for Affinity software (I also designer) Johan Puisais
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