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  1. Doing a lot of drawing in Affinity requires you to continually switch between the brush and ereaser. It would be lovely to have the pencil act as a brush, the finger as an ereaser and two fingers to move around. It would be even more nice if you could even minimize the brush context toolbar in fullscreen view. (The automatically hide UI option isnt the same) My suggestion to the Affinity Team is to make different input instruments actions customizable. Lets say I have an Apple pencil, a 53 Paper pencil, and my fingers. Ideally I could chose which instrument performs a specific action, like working simultaneously with three different type of brushes, or having one pencil to move objects while the other fills them with a color....
  2. Not very often but it happes sometimes when drawing with a pencil, the pencil stops drawing and starts to act as a color picker! Is there any gesture I inadvertently make that triggers the color picker or is this a bug? I also wanted to ask another noob question, in the help sections the color picker is described as having a context toolbar. I am not able to see that toolbar anywhere! Where is it hiding?
  3. Yukimaru

    Maximum DPI ?!

    Thanks for the reply. After exporting a file on the ipad you can not right click it, its only possible to long press it which gives you only limited info such as date created and file size. Is there some other way on iOS11 to know detailed information on an image? Anyway I emailed the file to a friend with a desktop computer and found that indeed it had the correct resolution of 1200DPI. This means that there is a bug which should be dealt with! As I said before when going to Document>Resize the current document DPI value shown is 600dpi while the document had a dpi of1200. So there are two issues here, first someone does not see the correct dpi value if it has a file with a resolution above 600dpi, and then people can not resize a document from a lower resolution to a resolution above 600dpi. I know is quite uncommon to work with such big resolutions but i guess fixing these issues should not be too much of a problem. Hope someone from Affinity will take care of this bug.
  4. Yukimaru

    Maximum DPI ?!

    I created some documents using A4 paper (297mm 210mm Landscape) with a DPI resolution of 1200. These documents have the correct pixel resolution of 14031x9921 pixels. Looking around i saw that in the Resize menu of the document it shows 297mm 210mm and 600 DPI!! Furthermore resizing does not allow to set any value higher than 600dpi. A document with 297mm 210mm 600dpi does not have 14031x9921 pixels! My questions are: 1 How do i know the exact dpi embedded in the metadata of the file? 2 I believe my documents are 14031x9921 px but will they print on an A4 paper without any resampling on the printer side? In other words do they have 1200dpi and A4printing size or do they have 600dpi and a much larger printing size? 3 What is the maximum DPI supported in Affinity Photo? Thanks to whomever will take the time to understand what I am saying and will try to clear up my confusion.

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