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    Photography is a big deal for me. It was my first career, and my work in professional photography paid my way through university during the 1970s: I was a full time photographer and part time student, usually attending evening classes. After graduating in science and mathematics, photography became a serious hobby. I am inclined to be an early adopter, and had been a Photoshop user from the start, even before it was part of Adobe. Over the decades I have spend many thousands of Euros on Adobe products. Last January I retired from my teaching position at a local university, on a comfortable but not too generous pension. I could no longer afford Adobe Photoshop. I had recently upgraded my nine-year old Mac Pro 5,1 (12 core machine) with new processors, faster memory, SSD boot drive and current high end NVIDIA graphics card. This was achieved at a fraction of the cost it would have taken to purchase the current model of Mac Pro 6,1 (the tin can). Furthermore, I get better benchmark performance on my 5,1 than any other current model offers; 20% better than the tin can. MacOS High Sierra is going all 64 bit, so it was necessary to update my CS4 Photoshop. I asked Adobe for a seniors' special deal, something like the plan that Adobe offeres to students and teachers. The request was refused. So I went searching for an alternative. This is it. Googbye Adobe. Hello Affinity.
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    That was quick. Thanks.
  3. Is it possible to work in L*a*b* colorspace, to at least 16 bit depth, with layers and masks functioning? If not, this is first on my wish list.