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  1. Originally, I was using EyeFi to have the images saved to a folder on my hard drive (by date). But EyeFi isn't working anymore... so I'm copying the images from the SD card to my machine. I drag and drop all the jpeg images on to Affinity Photo, do my work and hit cntrl-s to save (to overwrite the original file on my hard drive). Depending on how much modification I do, I sometimes have to click the button to 'save as flattened' in the pop-up dialog box. The folder(s) named by date only have 30-50 images in each folder, and I rarely work on more than 15 jpeg images at a time (while dragging them onto the Affinity Photo icon). I close each jpeg image once I do the modifications... that way I know the modifications are done. Once I've run out of open files/images, I go back to the finder and drag the next 'set' of images onto the Affinity Photo icon (fyi, the icon is permanently in my dock at the bottom of the screen.) Kudos to whoever fixed the printing issue that has plagued me for the last 3 years. About every 3rd print, Affinity Photo/Designer would crash on print. I haven't had that issue since the new version came out.
  2. Hi, I'm pulling images from an SD Card (camera), that are jpegs and range from 2 to 6 meg each. I do not use Apple Photos in my workflow.
  3. Yes, Affinity Photo version 1.7.2 My setup: MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) 2.7Ghz i7, 16gig ram running macOS Mojave 10.14.6
  4. I process a number of photos from a camera for an online store. Generally I drag 10-15 files onto the icon to be opened by Photos Then each photo goes thru 4-5 steps: 1) Crop to custom size 2) Adjust White Balance (optional) 3) Adjust Levels 4) Save (as flattened) 5) close file After 5-6 of these, the Histogram (in the Levels window) starts updating slower and slower. (8-10 sec) Note: Just found out that if I click on another file/image in Photos WHILE the Adjustment Levels window is active the delay disappears... until I work on the next photo.
  5. Yes, Affinity Designer/Photo constantly crash on print for me. I'm convinced there is some bad interaction between whatever Affinity is doing and the Brother print driver.
  6. The latest version of Designer 1.5 still has this issue.
  7. idbill

    Freeze on printing

    I've been working with the beta versions as suggested... I hadn't had a freeze until I started using Beta 4, which is freezing like the release version.
  8. idbill

    Freeze on printing

    Amazingly, I had a freeze just as I was notified of this posting. I waited 20min before forcing the app to close... This issue is not related to any single file, so for me to send you a file would not help duplicate the issue. btw, I see some bugs in Photo Beta: - drag a guide from the ruler, and no reference line is shown in the ruler (works fine once the guide moved later) so far... no crashes with the betas...
  9. idbill

    Freeze on printing

    Ok, both Designer and Photo are freezing when I go to print. of the last 6 pages I've tried to print, I've had 5 freezes.
  10. Interesting, I was not aware that feature was available and wonder if it is 'newish'. My machine is a mid-2012, and I only fiddled with the display settings when I got it. I'm glad you noticed the resolution, and have a path forward.
  11. I opened 4 existing jpeg files while in separated mode, then created a new file 8.5" x 11", which displayed partially under the toolbar. Then I exited 'separated mode', then re-enabled 'separated mode'. Not sure if you can tell, but of the 4 pre-existing files, 2 of them are now partially hidden behind the toolbar. See other screenshots of placements of each file. File 1: File 2: File 3: File 4: New File:
  12. Interestingly enough, nothing on page 1 worked for me... It turned out that my 'layer' was an 'image' which needed to be 'rasterized' (option in the layer window), then copy/paste worked as expected.
  13. I can consistently get this to happen in both Separated (easier) and not Separated mode. - Open a file - Select Eraser - Continuously erase around the page, and move the cursor out of the 'Affinity window' (at which time, the eraser outline disappears) - the way to get the outline back is to reselect the erase tool Part of my workflow involves quickly erasing large areas around an object in an image. When I'm doing this in Separated mode, it is common for me to erase off the edge of the image... which is when I loose the outline. It is helpful that the tool shows what will be erased, but there is a slight delay. Bill
  14. idbill

    Freeze on printing

    I've switched to using Affinity Photo for the photo intensive work. I'm just not used to the workflow of Photo... will keep you posted.
  15. Will this be corrected in version 1.5 ? I've gotten used to the tool bar in separated mode and find my productivity limited by either having to constantly move the tool bars around or hunt for tools.