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  1. Hi, I'd love the option to ditch the alpha channel during export, especially to exr. The reason for this request is that I'd like to be able to paint/modify sky box texture for use in Unreal Engine. To get a texture in to Unreal Engine in the correct format (unreal calls it texturecube as they take the latlong projection and generate 6 sides of a cubemap), it needs to either be an HDR (as in .hdr, though the ones Affinity exports are incompatible with UE4's import) or to be an EXR without an alpha channel. Let me know if you'd like any further details. Cheers, Alan.
  2. skyphyr

    Designer Ignores DPI on Export

    Hi again Chris, Sorry, I just realized you'd mentioned the manual DPI setting. That also doesn't override and use it (which I called out in my original post). Related to this, I noticed that even when a document is set to pixels, it's not interally stored as pixels, so making minor DPI changes to try for behavior doesn't result in the original pixel dimensions being respected. This also has the issue that if your document size were to be something that's not a multiple of whatever the factor (2x or 3x) that it's effectively downscaling the image by, you won't have such a thing as pixel for pixel. Also means if I made a document at any of these DPIs and I wanted it exported at 2x or 3x the native document resolution, I can only achieve that through manually entering the export resolution. If I try work around to force base pixel resolutions by changing to 72DPI then my point sizes are all wrong. I'm also curious what is the behaviour of pixel preview modes with relation to this setting? Am I seeing my actual document based pixel settings previewed or the magic number refactored versions? This also means to get the file names I want, the process is create a slice, change it from 1x to 3x, open up its export settings, remove of scale suffix. Whereas if it respected the settings, creating a slice would be the only step to get an export that respects the document settings. May not be a big deal for a single slice, but it slows down workflow a lot with multiple. (Yes, I'm aware of the copy paste option for export settings, but that's still a significant hit to workflow and assumes all are going to be identical). Cheers, Alan.
  3. skyphyr

    Designer Ignores DPI on Export

    Hi Chris, Thanks, it sounds more like an antifeature though because it makes the document settings a lie. For instance, if I set the document setting in pixels, the export at 144 and 216 will not export at the set resolution at 1x and as dpi changes the output size varies from native, plus even explicitly setting the dpi in those settings is ignored. I know you’re aware of all this, but I thought having the magnitude of broken workflows and inconsistent behavior would help in revisiting this. I hope it changes so the document settings mean what they say. Cheers, Alan
  4. skyphyr

    Designer Ignores DPI on Export

    Hi Pšenda, I'm afraid that's not the issue I've got. In my case, I'm in Designed, rather than Photo, and there is no original document from outside of Designer, it's a document created in Designer from scratch with settings as I described. Though I did also try disabling the metadata export (though it seemed unlikely) and it makes no difference. This is definitely a huge bug here in baseline functionality. It would be great if someone on the Affinity team could confirm repro on this, or something I'm doing wrong, but I can't see how there couldn't be unit tests validating basic document size matching between the native document and export, though if this has managed to ship this way, I guess it's somehow slipped through. Cheers, Alan
  5. Hi all, So the export setup in Designer always treats a document as being at 72 DPI regardless of either the document setup or the slice DPI. (This is on 1.6.4). To repro, create a new document, set the type to devices, set the page preset to iPhone X (Retina), hit okay. Then switch to the export personas, go to the slices tab, and choose export slices, select a directory then hit okay. Check the created files, they're sized as though the document was set to 72 DPI (so resolution matches size in points). Go back to Designer, set the slice DPI to 216, you'll get the same result. Let me know if you need any further details for repro. (Side note as this one's likely a feature request than a bug, but it would be great if width and height in the tags for export names worked regardless of how you've set the size). Cheers, Alan.