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  1. The new icons look good. I dig the logic to emphasize the similarity of the software regardless of platform.
  2. Thanks for these @Patrick Connor. [Random, but has anyone made a hardware keyboard with these shortcuts as of yet? I would dig that.]
  3. Your tutorials are really helpful. I learn a ton from watching an experienced vector illustrator like you work. Thanks!
  4. I think this would be a great idea, too. Anything to help simplify the digital publishing process would be sweet.
  5. I am also a little foggy on how vector clipping works on the iPad version of AD. This helps some, though.
  6. Thanks @Lee D, this fixed me up. I’m a n00b to vector inking and still trying to understand all the settings. I really appreciate it.
  7. I’m having trouble adjusting the pressure of my vector lines in Affinity Designer on iOS. It seems that whatever brush I first use to lay the line down needs to be temporarily switched to different vector brush and then switched back to my original brush before it will allow me to adjust the pressure. In my attached clip, I used the basic vector brush, but I’ve tried a handful of brushes from a handful of vendors and the behavior is the same. I have to ink, change the brush, and then change it back. For each line, it’s pretty rough. Can’t seem to find if there’s something under the hood I’m missing, or if this is expected behavior. (Thanks in advance, all.) E45911A8-D131-4BE5-AD98-9268E716A1CC.MOV
  8. I just logged on to search the forums for similar info about vector brushes. Thanks so much @Bri-Toon, perfect timing!
  9. I just noticed this same kind of thing in the raster brushes on the latest update for Affinity Photo on the iPad and posted about it as a bug, but maybe it’s how Affinity’s brush engine works and not a bug? Thanks for the heads up / ideas on this.
  10. Howdy all- - I applied a levels adjustment to sharpen/clarify some line art as I mentioned in this earlier post. However, when I open the file on my iPad the line art does not appear as adjusted at all - - even though the levels adjustment is right where it's supposed to be in the layers panel. I check and uncheck the adjustment layer and see no changes to the line art. If I open the file back up in the desktop version, the line art is just as sharp as I left it. It's a bit of a head scratcher. Anyone have a similar issue of their changes not being reflected between iOS and macOS versions of Photo?
  11. This worked like a charm - thank you so much for walking me through this. Also good to know that some of these nested adjustments currently don't work like they're supposed to, I suspected something was a little wonky.
  12. I suppose I was using incorrect terminology, I did drag the adjustment to the masking position like your screenshots show - - thanks!
  13. Hello - - new to the forums, so I apologize in advance if I am being a knucklehead in general. I'm trying to clean up/sharpen line art in Affinity Photo. In Photoshop I would select the line art, select 'Levels' and then adjust to get the desired level of sharpness. My forum digging suggests that in Affinity Photo, the 'Threshold Adjustment' should achieve the same result. The issue I'm running into is that when I place the Threshold Adjustment directly above the line art layer, it allows me to make the line art as crisp as I'd like but it also applies to every other layer below it. When I try to move the Threshold Adjustment as a child layer (I hope that's the right name for docking it underneath the line art layer) the adjustment is no longer affecting the layers below - but it's also not affecting the line art I'm trying to sharpen either. When I drag the adjustment to a child layer - BOOM - the line art gets fuzzy again. . I assume there's a simple solution I'm just missing. Thought I'd ask the experts. Thanks in advance.
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