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    Reactor reacted to andarted in Shut up and take my money!   
    I want to support affinity with a voluntary monthly tip. at least while in times when I have a reliable income Maybe you could offer something like a patreon- or steady-account  
    Long version:
    Hola people,
    I love the affinity products. I love to pay only once for a product. And I love to support what I love, when I can.
    You know, I'm happy to pay monthly a little bit for my journalistic content (if the money really goes to the journalists and not to a marketing department, a printing house, or something anachronistic stuff) or other services. I also like to support open source and non-profit-organizations, when I think they make the world a better place. As long as it's voluntary.
    In the past I often thought about how much I like affinitys products and that I really profit from them. And that I'm grateful that affinitys old-school affordable pricing model made it possible for me to get into a creative professional field.
    I feel the need for help preserving this kind of pricing model long term, so that other people around the globe and in the future got the same opportunities like me. For example, so many people in the USA struggle with their student loans, when in the same time, people build careers out of the 55 € program on their older sisters mac and some YouTube Tutorials. So many parents complaining about the school systems, while I see their children sitting in their rooms and becoming professional 2D or 3D artists just for fun.
    No one can stop the world from changing, but everyone, regardless of whether aware or not, is influencing the direction of the change. Imho more and more people are starting to think in this kind of mindset.
    If you would offer a way to support you on a voluntary way, I would be happy to support you as long as I can afford a little bit altruism.
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    Reactor reacted to Phil_rose in Can we get text handling like this?   
    Hi all, I'm going to attach a video that I made of me using CorelDraw. I created a text block with three lines on it. I then selected it and pressed control and K. This breaks the three lines into three individual objects. I then select one of those lines of text and press control and K again. This breaks it into words. That key combination again breaks a word into individual letters. At the end of the video I moved from the Pick Tool to the Shape Tool which are analogous to the Move Tool and Node Tool in Affinity Designer. Using the Shape Tool I can pick a node next to any of the letters within a line of text and move it around in order to fine tune the placing. I do a lot of punk rock style design work and it's really nice to be able to mess with the leading in this way.
    Is there any chance that Affinity could bring something like this? It would make a huge difference for me and I'm sure the others.
    Thanks I look forward to people's thoughts.
    PS sorry for the Renegade Soundwave playing on the video. I forgot that my computer would record that. My wife pointed out that it is indeed a renegade soundwave.
    ScreenHunter 01.mp4
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    Reactor reacted to Andreas Larsen in Add a Lighter/Brighter UI-mode (implemented)   
    Thanks, just a mockup but we can always hope they'll create something like it
    This is just a mockup, not intended to replace the existing UI, would just like it as an option (to choose themes maybe)
    Thanks, I tried to remove as much chrome and color as possible and to keep the yosemite style that users are familiar with => more focus on content. 
    Added some more: 

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    Reactor reacted to Andreas Larsen in Add a Lighter/Brighter UI-mode (implemented)   
    Yosemite style...mockup
    Obviously less than half done but you get the idea :)
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    Reactor reacted to eross21 in AutoTrace (convert raster image to vector)   
    maybe I'm missing it, but is there an option to open a JPEG, or bitmap image
    and trace,or convert it to a vector file for further editing? If not there should be one, it would be a great option. even if it had only a few modes like black and white, and 5 color
    it would make me convince me to convert from adobe illustrator
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