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  1. Hi guys can someone tell me if I am doing something wrong? When I use the brush tool to edit I get harsh lines and I can't figure out if this has something to do with my brush setting or something else. I took a screenshot of what trying to describe. Adding I found a work-a-round but it's not ideal. I don't see this ugly line when I hold the continuous brush/re-paint back to the hidden pixel. However, the moment I let the mouse go then I get the line back.
  2. charbar85

    LUT not working

    Hey @MEBdo you guys gave an estimated delivery fix for this bug yet since the last issue I found of this bug was reported back in 12Oct17?
  3. charbar85

    Text on path

    I have been having issues using text on path and I am running this app on windows 10. I watched the following tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FyveNG9mPs and no go, I do not have the Layer -> Convert to path option I only see convert to curves. Are there some features in MAC not supported in Windows?
  4. charbar85

    LUT not working

    I am having the same issue has anyone figured out how to fix this? --- Update: looks like this is a known issue --->