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  1. Hi Claudio, thanks very much for your solution! Sorry for my late response. I have not tried it yet, because the actions seems quit professional to me. When I have the courage I will try it and than let you know.
  2. I don’t understand why not, I am not technical enough! But it is a pity! I googled of course the issue and I understood that someone wrote that in photoshop you could change the resolution via preferences, interface, UI, scaling to 200%. But I could not find it in Affinity. Wouldn t it be possible in future? I hope so. Otherwise I will return my new screen! Or I learn to make the same pictures with Affinity itself.
  3. Using the Nikcollection as plugin in affinityphoto gives a very small text on a 4k monitor, you can hardly read it. When I tried the Nikcollection as standalone, not as a plugin, there is no problem. So what can I do in affinityphoto to change the settings? I looked in preferences and IU but I could not change the resolution there.