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  1. +1 bump. I just upgraded to 1.9 and was very excited about the Select Same feature (really the only thing holding me back from using Designer full time instead of Illustrator). Unfortunately, much like you, the way this feature is currently implemented is tantalizingly useless. Until I can limit it to only visible objects, or have locked objects not be included in the selection, it doesn't help. It's so close, yet so far.
  2. +1 I was also surprised by this quirk. I did not expect Select Same to select invisible objects, and I also did not expect Select Same to select locked objects. Without some way or option to limit the scope to only visible/unlocked objects, this feature is really hamstrung for my uses. When the Select Same feature selects locked objects, you can easily end up in a situation that feels like a bug: Given I have 10 green circles that are visible, and 5 other green circles that are invisible and locked. Goal, to move the 10 green circles to a different part of the canvas. When I click one green circle, and Select Same, the 10 visibles + 5 invisible and locked circles are selected. And when I try to move my selection to the different part of the canvas, by dragging with the mouse or arrow keys, I cannot move them, because the locked ones are locked. Personally I would have expected only the visible ones to be selected, and then I could have moved them where I wanted.
  3. I just wanted to chime in a +1 on this bug. This feature is crucial for me and I find myself constantly switching back to Illustrator to use it.
  4. +1 for me too. I purchased Designer several months ago, and find it very difficult to work without this feature. If I am creating my own work from scratch I can work around it, but not when dealing with files created by other software. For example: deleting or restyling the roads on a map, restyling the data points or grid an infographic, or setting up artwork for laser cutting (which uses different colors and fills to tell the machine what to do).
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