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  1. Thanks for the responses. Let me re-frame my question with a simple example: How to I apply e.g. Detail Refinement to a batch of raw photos? there must be a way to do this since it is such a common a basic task, is it not?
  2. Thanks for your response "firstdefence". I am using macOS 10.13.5 and Affinity 1.6.7. What substitute app do you use (or might recommend) to convert raw files in a batch while being able to define ahead of time some key aspects for the conversion?
  3. Hi, I am trying to batch process a set of files. I like to convert RAW files to TIFF and be able to set various pre-recorded (marco) parameter that are available in the development persona (things like Development Assistant and basic,lens,details,tones) My challenge is that I cannot see how I can record a macro under the development persona. I know how to do it under Photo persona (->view ->studio ->macros) but cannot see how to record the parameters I want to control in development persona (only not Photo persona) and then run onto a batch of files. Under Development Persona if you go to ->view ->studio there is no macros options. An actual example would be much appreciated thank you Arnim
  4. Hi Dan, thank you for looking into it and your complete answers and suggestions. Seems from what you say I be best off increasing my RAM which I will do. cheers Arnim
  5. Hi Dan, thank you for your fast response. Very impressive! My excitement about this product is high and I have deeply enjoyed watching the excellent tutorials. To your questions: . to import 100 raw pictures (from the D7500) from the SD memory in my imac takes about 1 minute in Apple Photos 3.0. To import 10 raw files (from my hard disk) to Affinity development takes about 2 minutes. So about 20 times slower. See first screenshot. . once all 10 raw files are in Affinity it takes about 5 seconds for split view to fill the other half. See second screenshot . to develop one raw picture takes about 16 seconds. See last screenshot hope between the 3 screenshots you have the info that could help identify why it is slow. much appreciate your assistance, in the meantime I am off to watch more tutorials! thanks Arnim
  6. Hi, just downloaded photo 1.6.7 on imac 10.13.3 retina 5k, 27 inch late 2015 3.3Ghz intel core i5, 8 GB Radeon R9 2GB Checked with activity monitor and nothing of significance is going, affinity takes all all % CPU. But something must be wrong, or not? I carefully looked at all feedback on line before buying this app but it is completely unusable at this speed. Apple Photos, Adobe Photoshop when started separately work well and fast. Much appreciate some help! Was so much looking forward to this software... )-: thanks Arnim