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  1. Hello All, I'm new here For the story I switched from Adobe since they go to cloud licences, killed Fireworks and made photoshop so heavy I need to upgrade my computer each years...I was really desesparated to find an alternative to and a day Affinity Photo coming ! Thanks you ! For the past I was Beta tester of TVPaint (since amiga golden days) and made plug-ins for. I'm now CG Teacher in Film / VFX in the biggest Belgium CG College, since I show Affinity to my students many of switched from Photoshop to Affinity... In VFX Industries we work on LINUX, why? No licences for OS, stability, no forced updates, better memory management etc and we have all our softwares on Linux (Houdini, Nuke, Fusion, DaVinci, Maya, 3D-Coat, Clarisse, Modo, Substance, Unity, Unreal,...) but we still don't have pro images softwares and sorry but Gimp and Krita is not at the level of Affinity or Photoshop...Today Linux is growing more and more in VFX market since Microsoft release a playschool OS called Windows 10, this is not an OS but a Store with so much garbage, Telemetry, forced updates, bugs, OS in cloud,... Does microsoft realise they sales a Windows 10 Pro with such garbage as Candy Crush, Disney Magical, Paint3D,...??? Ok for Familly edition but not for the Pro market... Windows 10 is focusing on conssumers market, tablet, Windows store and forget Pro! If a day Adobe release Photoshop over Linux it's the end of Windows 10 for Pro... This is why we migrate more and more on Linux, so there is a market to take. Regards, BSM Note: sorry for my bad english writing.
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