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    This may have been mentioned by others. One of the obstacles facing Photoshop users wanting to migrate to Affinity is that Adobe users find it difficult to locate corresponding tools, palettes, and menus. Possibly Serif wanted to avoid similarities because of real or supposed copyright issues. I come from a software development background. If Serif could allow users to customize their own interface, that might help. I'm thinking in particular of bespoke 'skins', where an encompassing Photoshop-like UI filters commands from the user to the underlying Affinity program. It would take a burden off users.
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    Froze, thank you. I read that thread, but because I'm new I don't know where to find your tutorial. It's probably in front of me and I can't see it, but if you can post a link, I'd appreciate it. Again, thanks.
  3. Thank you. The latest beta did the trick. Thanks.
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    It's disillusioning. I've twice asked for help. Instead of advice, I'm met with snide and snarky remarks. I'm happy you have everything all worked out, but some of us come for assistance, not to get slapped down.
  5. It's a terrible idea until you need it. Please don't misjudge me. I work in a production environment where I need to rapidly crop dozens, sometimes hundreds of photos for on-line catalogues, an environment where minimal bytes count. I'd love to migrate to Affinity Photo, but until I find a way to select and crop per above, I'm stuck. Thanks for understanding.
  6. In Photoshop, I repeatedly use the following procedure many times a week, sometimes many times a day. With magic wand, select background. Repeat with pockets of background as necessary. Clear, erasing the background. Invert the selection. (Hug the image) Crop. How can I replicate this with Affinity Photo? Thank you.
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    Tourmaline, can you suggest a stepping off point to 'clone' the Photoshop interface, so to speak? Thank you.
  8. Thanks, Patrick. I'm afraid neither Beta version gets that far. Both Mac betas throw up a message box (without a window) saying the beta has expired and provide a link supposedly to a download page which ends up with a 404 not found.
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    Magic Wand Tool

    Me too.
  10. Even though I've used two beta versions of Publisher, and even though I bought Photo and Designer, nothing shows up in the order history. Part of the problem is that I purchased Photo and Designer through the Mac store. I'm not aware of any way to register those purchases with Affinity. It would be nice to take advantage of the 30% discount, but without a history, how does one do that?