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  1. I have been a heavy photoshop user from before the CS versions and I final jumped over to finally get away from Windows and go to Linux. Adobe was always my main reason for sticking to windows but hey! I can accept to become a dual booter and/or use wine a lot more. (not that Adobe works really well with wine) Just today I simply stumbled across Affinity and it looks really good. Truly I don't understand why our price point is this low. And I fully understand why you think you can make the jump to Linux. But you can't make a business case out of questions on people asking for it. so in order to help me and my fellow linux creatives I just want to poin to the easiest way to test a business case that at the same time is great PR for your product for Windows and OSX: ever thought of setting up a kickstarter campaign for a linux version of the software...? There have been a number of successful software kickstarts and you have it way easier as you already have a great product to show of you just need time to sit down and actually calculate how difficult is would be and set a campaign goal. You might be surprised that Linux users are not as cheap as you think they are. Hey I pay adobe £49 every month.. but won't be doing that for long now I found you guys. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

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