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  1. Steam works on linux. Time for mac and windows to die has finally come. Evolve or perish. Since I can play on linux, I have absolutely no need for any other system. Proportion of people having work that does not require at least a limited use of linux will decrease over next few decades, because machines will take over most of the manufacturing (the same thing that happened to the agriculture during 19th/20th century in the developed countries). If the Serif choses to go on a dead end path that is their problem. An opportunity for another developer. I would gladly spend the cost equivalent to what I paid for the Affinity, which is useless to me now, on some software that works on linux and can handle complicated files as opposed to the Ink..crush..sc...pleasewait...ape.
  2. I second that! I am a molecular biologist working in academia, and I use Linux for virtually all my work, with an exception of graphics design. I would love to uninstall Windows and stop wasting my hard drive space and computational resources; but the lack of professional, stable, and easy to use graphics software (such as the Affinity Designer) is preventing me from removing this horrible system. I also agree with fredericofavaro, developers make apps for the system that is most popular, and it is most popular because it has the apps. Most of the scientific software in my area of expertise is written for Linux (often it is extremely difficult/impossible to compile it on macOS), and I am quite sure that this will be the same for other disciplines of science. However, research generates only all the knowledge that we require for progress and development; while computer games, marketing campaigns, creative accounting etc. generate immediate profit. I understand that developers will never make a Linux version, because supporting two platforms is already a huge endeavor. IMHO this problem will exist until we solve this ridiculous problem of having 3 main software platforms that are not inter-compatible. Me guess is that the waste of resources caused by this alone is mind-blowing, people have to reinvent the wheel all the time, and we end up with three octagons that brake all the time, instead of one solid wheel. Devs, will you prove us wrong? Please....?
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