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  1. just adding some information to the discussion I am linux user for more than 15 years, but I always had to have windows on some PC due to some softwares. Particularly I believe that this question of marketing share and number of users focused on graphic works is a cultural stigma. For example, designers of any category use or have used adobe packages. Adobe does not provide its programs for linux distributions, so these users do not use linux. The same goes for some other popular software in the area. But this is also a reflection of the stigma that linux carries, both historically and also by some extremist users. Linux was marked as something for "nerds" (as mentioned in the discussion kkk), difficult to use. Currently this has changed, distributions like Ubuntu, Mint, Manjaro, Deepin and Fedora are clear examples of this. But still we (linux users) suffer with some weaknesses in our beloved penguin. A good example is the compatibility with video cards (VGA) that hardly perform better than windows. The same thing happens with several softwares that often have no interest in developing for this platform. I particularly understand, I get annoyed, but I understand. Employ time and staff to develop for a system with these problems. I particularly turn well with the software available today, but I would like to have more options instead of being "forced" to use windows because of some software. Sometimes I have to turn a MacGiver to make some things work like a tablet. I understand you for not having an interest in developing for linux, I hope someday change your mind, for now I will invest in who invests in me. PS: sorry about my english
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