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  1. Gorio

    Text frame location read out

    Sorry for the slow reply. The report is now published and I have just uploaded it so you can see the problem. Thank you.
  2. I had created a document in Designer and pressed to edit in Photo, I had been using DAUB@ Watercolour with Frankentoon Brushes. It never opened in Photo but displayed a message saying something like, "Unable to transfer between application". Stupidly I had not saved my work before transferring. I will start again, remembering to save this time (rookie mistake), and see if I can replicate it. NB: SAVE WORK BEFORE TRANSFERRING
  3. Gorio

    Text frame location read out

    I have another issue with text boxes. In Affinity Publisher a colour text box lines up with the pictures but exporting to PDF and the text box does not line up. I have a copy I can send you but it is for a university report that is supposed to be confidential until it is launched. I can either email a copy of one page to you or wait until it is launched and show you, I will paste a part of the document so you can see the problem. I have updated to the new beta version but still have the problem.
  4. Gorio

    Introduce Yourself

    My name is Craig and I discovered Serif's products after a very long phone call to Adobe, I had used them for years but because I moved from one country to another they would not accept my credit card but asked me to phone Australia! I have to say it was the best thing that could have happened and I am now using all three Affinity programs. Tomorrow the first document I set in Publisher is being published by a university. It is over 55 pages and was a breeze to finish. I hit a couple of very minor snags but overall it is a great product even though it is still in beta. Please, can I thank the Affinity team, you have great products, good support and I am enjoying being an evangelist for your products.