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  1. HI all I have a problem and i can't solve it: Wenn I open a RAW image straight from my NIKON D7100, the image is very very darker than the original and its really not the same. So, when i make some adjustments, i don't know how the image will look like at the end; so I really can't work on my photos. Only on the navigator I can see what i am doing, but not on the main image. When I open the image on my computer with any other program, It shows perfectly. - i'm sure that's not my camera, because i have tried many raw files from different cameras, and I still have the same problem with all of them - i'm using a gaming-computer, so it can not be the problem I tried to: - reinstall Affinity - disable Develop assistant - change color profile Nothing seems to solve my problem. I really arrived at the conclusion, that it has to be a bug, Am I right? When not, can you maybe help me solve my problem? Attached you can find a printscreen of the problem. Thank you very much! Bye Problem Affinity.pdf
  2. church.chill

    Develop Persona too dark

    Any news? Thanks
  3. church.chill

    Develop Persona too dark

    HI MEB, do you have news? I still can't solve my problem...is it really my nVidia graphic card that generate problems? If yes, how can I fix it? Thanks
  4. church.chill

    Develop Persona too dark

    Hi MEB, thank you and sorry for the late answer. Here my specs: Processor: Inter Core i7 2.4 GHz RAM: 16 GB System: 64 bit Windows 10 GPU: GeForce GTX 770M (latest Driver version installed: 397.31, 25.04.2018) I really don't know what to do...i hope you can help me
  5. church.chill

    Develop Persona too dark

    Hi Chris_K Now this option is set to take no action...i have already tried it with almost every combination, but it still look the same like the printscreen. Thanks

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