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  1. harrpu

    Sony a7 iii

    OK. Well I'd say it isn't very low res, but maybe that's it. Thanks
  2. harrpu

    Sony a7 iii

    I have shot in uncompressed RAW only, there is no jpeg. Imported on a mac from memory card to iCloud then dragged into Photo app where it is fine. Fails to be viewable in affinity either from opening the raw file from iCloud, or pulling in from Photo app.
  3. harrpu

    Sony a7 iii

    Thanks, but if that is the case then I don't understand why I can open and edit these files in the iPad Photos app, but not in Affinity?
  4. harrpu

    Sony a7 iii

    Opening a Sony a7 iii uncompressed RAW file just gives a black screen. I can only find a list from 2016 of cameras you support. Is there an updated list, and when might this camera get on it? Thanks