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  1. giobuttu

    HDR image calibration

    I'm new user and I believe Affinity suite is very powerful. I agree with you that this request can be usefull in a very special circumstances (research or as my job require to perform a daylight analise). However I don't know any commercial software for Windows platform that includes this feature. Actually I'm using Affinity Photo to get the HDR image and afterward I switch to another software to calibrate the image. (this is not convenient in terms of the work process optimization). This feature could be used from the 3D render softwares to create the background images "phisically corrected" and also could be used by the Architect and Engineering Universities for their research. Finally I believe that any new features suggestions can be useful for the developer team even if they will implement those are useful for most users. Thanks for your comment. Giorgio
  2. Since affinity photo can create a HDR image from a set of pictures, I’m wondering if the developer team could implement a hdr picture calibration as showed in this tutorial web page. http://www.jaloxa.eu/webhdr/calibrate.shtml Thanks in advance
  3. giobuttu

    some HDRs won't load (split)

    Hi Chris, yes, both files has been create with the same app (Radiance suite) but with different version that you can read in the header inside the hdr file. Cheers GB
  4. In the attached files you will find the HDR images generated by means of Radiance simulation (original HDR radiance file) one in 2016 and other one in 2018 with two different Radiance version. When I try to open the 2018 img with Affinity Photo ( version) I receive "Type file is not supported" , while the oldest is open without problem. Is it possible resolve this problem. Thanks in advance for your help. GB Radiance_img_2016.hdr Radiance_img_2018.hdr (split from this related thread)