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  1. Yeah I saw this. Robin Whalley should get paid for all his work on this. I think the message is that dxo and affinity should work together to get this issue sorted. I have affinity and ps so am more likley to use ps at present with viveza for ease of use. Great workaround tho!
  2. Hi, ACDSee has a good library mode that you can right click on an image to edit in any external edititor. Although it is not free. Jon
  3. I did see him doing dodgng in photoshop for the same effect so I guess I can do it in Affinity. My trial ran out so am in the process of choosing software. Really want to avoid subscription! Thanks again.
  4. Thanks IanSG, I was watching serge! Good to know there is a way, thank you.
  5. Hi all, I was watching some youtube videos where someone was using a radial adjustment brush in lightroom to lighten various areas of a photo by adding new brushes everywhere by changing the exposure value. He could change the shape and size of the brush from a circle to elongated elipse as well as feathering and intesity using the sliders. Is this possible in affinity photo? Thanks Jon