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    Kepa González reacted to Wosven in Request: Cartography resources for Designer   
    You can find some resources here (not especially for Designer):
    and @Peregrin help us with a fine tutorial too:
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    Kepa González reacted to StuartRc in Vector Assets: Camouflage   
    Vector Assets: Camouflage
    Added some vector assets based on Camouflage consisting of:
    1. Mesh (10)
    2. Composites (7)
    3. Textures 01 (10)
    4. Branch (10)
    5. Plants:Leaves (32)
    6. Plant:Forms (11)
    7. Textures 02 (10)

    With the exception of Composites detailing has been removed.
    samples as below:
    Vector Assets Camouflage_01.pdf

    Vector Assets Camouflage 02.pdf

    Vector Assets Camouflage 03.pdf

    Vector Assets Camouflage 04.pdf

    Version 01: 6 categories and 43 Vector Assets in 6 Categories
    Version 02: Categories and 90 vector Assets in 7 Categories
    vectorAssets - Camouflage 01.zip
    vectorAssets - Camouflage.zip
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    Kepa González reacted to MEB in How to rotate an image (in either program) by a few degrees?   
    Hi Martin,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Select the layer in the layers panel (it should be highlighted), make sure you have the Move Tool selected and enter the value you want in the rotation field in the Transform panel on the bottom right of the interface (in Photo Persona). Don't forget to set the anchor point (on the left of the input fields) as you wish.
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    Kepa González reacted to smadell in Macro Updates for v1.7   
    In the past few years, I have posted a number of Macros for anyone who wants them. Some have been more widely downloaded than others. With the release of version 1.7, however, I have found that a number of them are using Adjustment Layers that have been updated by Serif. The macros now contain a step invoking the "legacy" version of the adjustment which , once the macro completes, is then automatically updated to the new version.
    So far, so good.
    But, version 1.7 puts up a notification stating that the adjustment has been updated, and this notification appears each and every time the macro is invoked. Even though the notification eventually goes away on its own, it's certainly an eyesore if you use the macros more than sporadically.
    So, I am attaching updated versions of the macros that have been affected by this change. These include the Infrared Simulation Effect as well as the more-recently posted Saturation Mask macros. They are labelled as "v1.1" macros, since they have been re-coded with the new versions of the adjustments. Additionally, minor changes were made to the Infrared macro such that all the added layers are contained within a Group (which can be easily turned on or off with a single click).
    Both of these are attached to this post, and can be downloaded here. They are macro categories and therefore should be imported into the Library panel (not directly into the Macros panel). You can feel free to delete the older versions, although those older macros will still work - they will just give you the "nag screen" each time they are invoked.
    For reference, here are links to the original posts for both sets of macros:
    Infrared Simulation: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/40759-infrared-simulation/
    Saturation Masks: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/76900-saturation-masks-a-simple-method/
    Please enjoy the updated macros.
    Infrared Simulation v1.1.afmacros
    Saturation Masks v1.1.afmacros
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    Kepa González reacted to GarryP in Quickly create textures or patterned background images   
    Here’s another site which I found in my bookmarks that lets you quickly create images that can be used for backgrounds (and probably other things too): http://bg.siteorigin.com/
    There are loads of different patterns and various options to play with.
    I’ve attached two examples: Leather; and White Plaster.

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    Kepa González reacted to GarryP in Quickly create textures or patterned background images   
    I think you might be getting the message because the site is just plain http and not https.
    Firefox (and my Ghostery plugin) tells me that the only tracking code on the site is for: connect.facebook.net; platform.twitter.com; and google-analytics.com. It also tells me that the only cookies used by the site are those from the site itself, nothing external.
    AdBlock Plus says there are no ads on the page and the only scripts I have allowed for that site are from google-analytics.
    As you don’t need to provide any personal data - no login data or anything like that - it’s likely that it’s quite safe to use but that would have to be your choice.
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    Kepa González reacted to StuartRc in Project Brush Assets Grunge Set 09   
    Added a Second set to this Project (Affinity 1.7 Only)
    Based on inkbrush - Grunge for inktober 2018 project ) but with modified brush dynamics and additional 30 new nozzles 
    Naming to Match Inktober Project set

    PDF and Sample as below:

    PROJECT BRUSH - Grunge_INK.pdf
    Project Brush - Grunge 2_INK.zip
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    Kepa González reacted to DuctTape in Free Terragen Scenes   
    I found these Terragen tiffs on an HDD I had stuffed in the closet. I did these back in 2006 feel free to use these in any of your works.
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    Kepa González reacted to StuartRc in Project Brush inkBrush Set 07   
    Project Brush inkBrush Vector -Linear
    Supplement to inkBrush Vector - Render

    Zip File with 30 Vector Brushes 
    Sample PDF as attached
    Samples as below:

    inkBrush - Vector - Linear.zip
    ProjectBrush - Document_Vector_Linear_01.pdf
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    Kepa González reacted to StuartRc in Project Brush inkBrush Set 07   
    Working on series of brush sets based on Inktober 2018.(here)

    Project Brush inkBrush Vector -Render 
    Built for flat inking and to extend inkBrush Vector - Paint
    Consists of 30 Vector Brushes: 
    Flat colour painting for use with Blend mode/s:Average AND/OR Controller:Pressure OR Opacity settings OR Solid and tint colour values
    Mixing with opacity
    Layering with average

    Sample  PDF as attached
    Zip file with 30 vector brushes

    ProjectBrush - Document_Vector_Render_01.pdf
    inkBrush - Vector - Render.zip
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    Kepa González reacted to DM1 in The Coolest Filters for #AD   
    Thank you for sharing. These are working on the iPad version too!  Your video was helpful.
    The asset creates a live filter group and a Replace me group.  It is necessary to drag your desired layer until it sits under the filter layer (nested), and then delete the Replace Me group. Double tap the live filter to bring up context menu and adjust away.
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    Kepa González reacted to Belot in The Coolest Filters for #AD   
    Can't wait to share these live filters!! I've found it from this link, the author told me that he was saved Affinity Photo filters as Assets and now #AD can use live filters as well, but perspective fitler not working properly  
    Any way it's definitely cool in #AD, try it now 

    Afans Live Filters - for Designer 1.6.zip
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    Kepa González reacted to StuartRc in Project Brush Assets Shy Set 10   
    Added Paint sample and test

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    Kepa González reacted to StuartRc in Project Brush Assets Shy Set 10   
    Project Brush Shy Set 10
    Added new Brush set based on the vectors of Inktober 2017 Prompt:Shy
    30 New Raster Brushes
    As Shy was mostly about plants/grass and rocks. These brushes are essentially new vegetation brushes
    PDF sample as attached
    Brush test and .zip file 

    Project Brush - Shy.zip
    PROJECT BRUSH - Shy 01 01.pdf
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    Kepa González reacted to daorta in New Spanish Manual of Affinity Photo   
    Buenos días.
    He realizado un nuevo manual de Affinity Photo basado en la ayuda del programa v1.6.0.
    Espero que os sirva de ayuda.
    Un saludo.
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    Kepa González reacted to daorta in Manual en español de Affinity Designer - Spanish Manual of Affinity Designer   
    He realizado un manual en español de Affinity Designer basado en la ayuda del programa.
    Espero que sea de utilidad.
    I have made a Spanish manual of Affinity Designer based on the help of the software.
    I hope it helps.
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    Kepa González reacted to StuartRc in Combined Brush Sets or The Crazy Brush Library   
    Link Brush Threads
    1. Added a linking thread connecting my Crazy Brush Library (from a request!) but feel free to add other links if you wish
    2. Add Links rather than assemble all brushes into 1 thread..that would just take ages!#@
    Brush Library
    Sample sets from personal 'Affinity Brush Project'
    1. Current uploaded Samples from Brush Library (Forum Sets are not full library versions!)
    2. Placed into categories for reference.
    3. Ignored older sets/threads (4)...as have been updated by newer an better versions (Mostly relating to Texture Brushes/hatching and Dots) 
    Texture Brushes
    Texture Brush Packs x12 [Organics]
    Texture Brush Packs [Organics #2]

    Texture Brush Pack Fur Set 1

    Texture Brush Packs [Hatching Version 2]

    Texture Brush Packs [Dots]

    Texture Paint [Mixed Nozzle Raster Brushes] [Sample Set]
    Texture Paint [Mixed Nozzle Raster Brushes [Sample Set] [AD version 1.7]
    Test version of Sample set using 1.7 Brush Engine
    Texture Paint Effects [combined Brush Set] [AD version 1.7]
    Test version of Sample set using 1.7 Brush Engine
    Combination set using Texture Paint 08 and Project Set 08 (Organics) Brush sets.

    Texture Paint Brushes [Group 1-4 (120/480)] [150 texture brushes]
    120 Texture Paint Brushes and 30 small textured sketching brushes
    Paint Brushes Set 1

    Paint Brush Texture Sets 1 & 2
    Added some nozzles so you can make your own brushes or patterns! (There are 1000's of these)
    Nozzles:Texture Paint Brush Asset Library 01 [Nozzle Set]
    Pattern Brushes
    Pattern Brush Packs

    Pattern Brushes Sample Set 2 [A] & Set 3 [A]

    Pattern Brush Packs [Isometric]
    Environment Brushes
    Vegetation Brushes Set 1

    Vegetation Brushes Set 2
    Vegetation Brushes Set 3 [Version 1.7 only]
    Added experimental brush set for 1.7 brush dynamics
    Added second brush set that includes 'Sub-Brush Synchronisation' (Fixes visual appearance of brush panel and allows all brush nozzles to scale uniformly). Added suffix to brush set name
    Vegetation Brushes Set 4 [1.7 Brush Engine] [unavailable]

    Project Brushes
    1. Project brushes added as library became a bit large! 
    ...and easier to work with....
    2. Contains some reworked brushes but also 100's of new ones. (Set six for Poison is all new and the largest of the project sets [300 brushes;150 Raster, 150 Vector])
    3. Includes some vector sets...but not yet complete.....eek!

    01 Project Brush Assets Hungry [Mixed Source]1[30 Raster]

    02 Project Brush Assets Crazy Tree [Mixed Source]2  [30 Raster | 30 Vector]

    03 Project Brush Assets Big-T [Mixed Source]3 [30 Raster | 30 Vector]

    04 Project Brush Assets Ammonite [Mixed Source]4 [30 Raster | 30 Vector]

    05 Project Brush Assets Monster Club [Mixed Source]5 [30 Raster]

    06 Project Brush Assets Poison Set 6 [150 Raster | 150 Vector]
    07 Project Brush Set Ink. (tutorial based on inkBrush Project can be found here: Creating Vector Brushes)
    Work in Progress sample sheets for inkBrush Project
    Consisting of: 
    8 vector sets (Inking, Paint, Texture, Effects, Granular, Render , Linear ; Render [Texture]) ;
    13 Raster Sets (Texture, Pattern (geometric), Pattern (Organic), Sketch, Draw, Hatch, Bristle, Stipple, Effects, Paint, Stamps (vegetation), Splatter, Grunge)
    3 sub-Project Brush sets: Muddy, Prickly, Chop
    Additional Vector Assets for Pattern (Geometric), Texture, Grunge 

    A. InkBrush - Vector - Render
    B. InkBrush - Vector - Linear
    C. InkBrush - Vector - RenderTexture
    A. InkBrush - Raster - Grunge (under project set 09)
    Vector Patterns
    A. InkBrush - Vector Patterns (compound paths)
    08 Project Brush Organics Set 8 [30 Raster Brushes] [Version 1.7 only]
    Project Brush set with 30 additional raster Nozzles;20 Brush Templates (Version 1.7) and 30 single nozzle raster brushes
    09 Project Brush Grunge Set 09 (60 Raster Brushes)
    Added Set 09: 30 Raster Brushes
    Added Set 09 [INK]: 30 Raster Brushes; modified version of the inktober 2018 Project Set (modified brush dynamics) [Version 1.7 only]
    10 Project Brush Assets Shy [30 Raster Brushes]
    30 additional vegetation raster brushes (leaves)
    11 Project Brush Assets Camouflage [180 Raster Brushes]
    Project Brush Set with 6 Categories (Texture | Bark Grunge  Leaves | Canopy | Effects | Paint)

    A. Camouflage (Mixed Samples)
    Set consists of 30 Brushes in total with 8 brushes from Leaves; Grunge Bark; Textures plus 6 from Canopy
    1. Pulled this from another thread...may find useful.....
    Issues relating to installing iPad Brushes:
    brushes on iPad
    and Loading IPad Brushes
    Tutorials and some excellent links....
    These fantastic tutorials also very useful if you wish to explore creating your own..and have some fun at the same time.
    Managing Raster Brushes
    Managing Assets: @Frankentoon kindly created a video tutorial for installing AD assets including Brushes on YouTube. Brushes available here
    Creating your own Vector Brushes for iPad: at Affinity Spotlight
    Creating your own brushes for iPad at: Affinity Spotlight by @paolo.limoncelli: Paolo's Daub Brush Techniques acquire them here
    Creating your own Bristle Brush: Tutorial
    Creating and individual Vector Brush from @Mensch Mesch: Ivy Brush
    Creating Vector Brushes by @IsabelAracama: Custom Vector Brushes
    Creating vector (intensity and image brushes) Custom Vector Brush

    Installing Assets
    Help page to install assets into Affinity Suite
    Custom Smoke Brushes
    Texture Brushes and Blend Modes
    Creating Vector Brushes (includes assets and 10 sample brushes)

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    Kepa González reacted to StuartRc in Ammonite Hotel   
    Been playing with the texture paint brushes again...and sharing the result!
    Mostly Pixel Persona!
    Original size 300 x 300mm (300dpi)


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