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    Al S got a reaction from SrPx in Have you guys been following this...   
    This has had a serious amount of subs and followers over the last few weeks regarding JCristina ditching Illustrator for  Affinity Designer. I don't want to start a crazy thread, but it's become compelling watching for me watching it progress and more importantly how he is adapting to using Designer. I think he's already moved the Affinity Photo and that will be coming up in the future...

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    Al S reacted to Jhonatan S Silva in Pot Plant Character Design Using Affinity Designer IPAD - Video on Youtube   
    Hey there,

    It's always a pleasure to share with the Affinity's community how I design my pieces to make the games.


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    Al S reacted to Dave Harris in Any plans for PDF form editing?   
    The final version of Publisher 1.7 won't have forms, but a future version might.
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    Al S reacted to ChrisSmere in Nottingham - Tram Network Transit Map   
    Hey :-)
    I do transit maps (diagrams) for fun in my spare time to relax.
    Here is one of my recent works: the Nottingham Tram Network in my own interpretation (unofficial of course).
    The whole map is entirely done with Affinity Designer. 
    If you have any thoughts on it or feedack this is much appreciated.
    Have a great day!

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    Al S reacted to Rob Chisholm in Man at work   
    Man at work 

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    Al S reacted to Metin Seven in Death Motel   
    You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave! 

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    Al S reacted to Justyna in Friday   
    These are further illustrations for the "week" series. The idea - it's a short rhyming sentence - a task for every day for children - so the children's stylistics. For me it's Affinity fun and learning. I only show the ones I have done in Affinity Designer (others are in Inkscape). Each illusion came out in a different style.

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    Al S reacted to Justyna in Friday   
    this is my second illustration in Affinity. I draw many illustrations, but I'm switching to Affinity.

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    Al S reacted to bodobe in Audrey Hepburn (Affinity Designer)   

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    Al S reacted to Uncle Mez in Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)   
    Project:    Revival Now (2 days gathering)
    Location: Pointe Noire - Congo B
    Date:        3/28/18
    #Content made for web use only (including WhatsApp profile and status)

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    Al S reacted to walt.farrell in Stock photo drag and drop not working   
    In that tutorial, he had a document open, which showed the title of the tutorial video. He dragged onto it from the stock studio, giving a new layer that covered his old document.
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    Al S got a reaction from Chris B in Stock photo drag and drop not working   
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    Al S got a reaction from jmwellborn in hexagon   
    This program never ceases to amaze me... Add how many corners and boom! 
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    Al S got a reaction from Jowday in Easy templates for simple trifold brochures   
    I agree with KitKat1947 here:
    We can have 1 million people create a trifold template or the folks at Affinity can do it for the 1 million and add it to an already extensive list that they have for page and document setups! I mean even MS Publisher has a trifold option. If you want to compete with your competitors or surpass them, then add this stuff... However I did find this on the web. Hopefully someone can tell me if it will work please? Credit to https://www.orbprint.co.uk/template/a4t.pdf for the template
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    Al S reacted to Aammppaa in Rectangle rounded corners   
    Yes stroke thickness will round the corners, unless you chose Mitre Join in the Stroke Panel.
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    Al S reacted to Fixx in Easy templates for simple trifold brochures   
    I guess Affinity could start a resource page where people could upload their templates and stuff. Something like Resources for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo: https://affinity.graphics/
    but more legit. A sister page for affinityspotlight.com
    Quality control may be a problem.
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    Al S reacted to firstdefence in Old Newspaper Scanned Image to good quality   
    Try some FFT Denoise
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    Al S reacted to WaveF in Real Perspetive Mockup with AD   
    Interesting, it seems that no one cares about perspetive in AD, 24 hour got 0 view  :( 
    maybe AP users more than AD users here?
    no idea, I think this is the coolest thing I've found.
    so I decide to cancel source file sharing after next 24 hour - to make it great again :D
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    Al S got a reaction from SrPx in Draw smoother lines   
    Thanks for the reply folks. I have tested the stabiliser option and it works very well :-)