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  1. 7 minutes ago, GabrielM said:

    Well, if the photo has the clipping path embedded, there's no way our software can ignore it. Have a chat with the images provider. They can disable the clipping masks from their end before exporting the file. 


    Yeah I thought so. Thank you very much for the great and quick support! 

    Have a nice one, bb

  2. 41 minutes ago, firstdefence said:

    Take a screenshot of the screen with the layers panel showing.


    Hey guys, thanks for your responses. Here is a screenshot of the layer panel (I switched to english language for your convenience).

    You see with the curve path unchecked I got a proper photo with a transparent background.

    I suppose there is no way around this to safe time? 


    thanks for your help so far!




  3. 14 minutes ago, GabrielM said:

    Hi @JKCologne,


    Welcome to the forum. 


    Jpeg does not allow alpha channel, so technically you should not see any transparency. I would really like to see the file. Any chance you can attach it here?





    regarding the alpha channel: somehow I always got a transparent background when opening a jpeg file, which is super convenient for me bc I have to make it transparent anyway...

  4. Hi all!

    I got a serious problem with some jpeg files after importing them. I tried to open a jpeg of a Corona sixpack (no promoting intended) in AP and this happens.

    Most parts of the photo are missing and the missing parts are transparent. Any ideas??


    The issue is not present if I first open the jpeg in any other software and convert it to .png but I would really like to safe the time bc I work on thousands of photos...


    (sorry if a similar issue has already been posted and I missed it)


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