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  1. In the beginning when I was using DrawPlus and Publisher Serif used to ring up to flog the latest version. Every time I suggested that DrawPlus have a bit more CAD in the method of operation. Obviously this has not happened, but at least I could import .dxf files from CAD programmes. Very well it does it too. I still use the last version of Drawplus. Why on earth Ability does not have .dxf import at least is beyond me. Must be a licencing thing. They must be missing out on thousands of sales, or maybe those of us with a technical need are the minority that marketing ignore.
  2. DrawPlus imports dxf with all the layers. Great for colouring up a technical drawing. Exports pretty well too. Seems that Affinity is aimed at the art type graphic artist rather than the technical illustrator. Without that facility it is no use to me. I will just keep on with DrawPlus.
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