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  1. @Czokalapik I did it the same way you said you do it and my client finally accepted the small color difference between print and screen after comparing different company screen logos with the print version. So thank you for that tip! And thanks to everyone else who helped me solve this problem and got me to understand the difference between CMYK and RGB and why you can't make them look exactly similar. I have to say this has been by far the best experience I made regarding being part of an online forum!
  2. @Czokalapik So what you're saying is I should work in RGB until Exporting it. Then with the Export Persona (see Example Export.jpg) I would select PDF CMYK and ISO Coated V2, correct? @BofG Thank you for your explanation. I just tried what Czokalapik told me and it the result is the same with "Convert" in the Document Settings as with changing it at the end during exporting. Now if I change the RGB profile to a CMYK profile it doesn't give me the choice between assign and convert since they're both greyed out/inactive. Can you explain to me why it doesn't give me the option if I change from RGB to CMYK. It only offers those buttons with an RGB to RGB change.
  3. Thank you guys! I appreciate both answers A LOT! They helped me explain the topic to my client so he understands where I'm coming from. @Czokalapik I am not 100% what you mean by that. I know you can set/assign a specific document to a specific ICC profile which alters the color output on the display (print shop wants ISO Coated V2). But I never heard about "converting files to profiles" is that only possible in Ilustrator or in Affinity as well?
  4. Hey guys, yes i know something similar has been asked before but all the other posts I have seen didn't answer my question. I understand that converting RGB to CMYK withhout color differences won't always be possible since the color garmut of RGB is a lot bigger than the one for CMYK. What I don't understand is: If i try to do it the other way (CMYK to RGB) shouldn't it be possible to get the same color in RGB as I have in CMYK? Maybe you can also tell me how you handle it if your client needs a logo in RGB and in CMYK colors and wants them to be similar. Thanks a lot in advance can't wait to hear your replies. Greetings, Julian Icon_Farbe.pdf Icon_Farbe.pdf
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