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    Really SNAP.

    Ha ha Yeah That worked I turned the screen tolerance up to 50.
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    Really SNAP.

    Ok Thanks I will Look at these. And No I don't really get Art Boards. I'm sure that's something I need to learn about. I've used them in a class. But I don't understand them yet
  3. #1. Is there a way to make it Really "Snap to Grid". Like Vertex Manipulation in Source Hammer or modeling program? It seem like it kind of wants to go but I have to find the "yellow spot" I can do it, I'm a little shaky for that, but I figure I can blast out projects left and right if it really snapped. I find myself after the shape is made, stopping, zooming, select white arrow, dragging to vertex a few points, and zoom out, start another shape. **I'm getting into the isometric grid I love it. I've used all the main other programs. I love how this one just load up ready. #2.Also my .pdf is not exporting the noise or blur and possibly any effects at all. Is that normal for .pdf? I'm working on a ebook. I just exported .png and that works perfect. Thanks.
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    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Yes, I voted Affinity Designer. Up to 39% now.