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  1. Same here, agree that for drawing Designer is just not good enough. If you want OK pressure control, you need to draw sloooow strokes, resulting in wobbly lines with way too many points. If you want smooth lines, you need do draw quickly, but then the pressure is sampled/processed by Affinity app at too low a rate, resulting in very ugly lines. Draw too quickly, and the curve is ignored completely, and you end up with a straight line with constant width (tested on i5 and i7 with ssd drives and 16gb ram, so it's not a hardware issue). Comparing this to Illustrator or Clip studio only shows how much Affinity is lagging behind in this regard (pun intended
  2. From what I've noticed is that drawing long strokes means bad lag, the longer the stroke the more lag you get. This has to do (I think) witht the fact that the stroke is being processed after you release the pen/mouse, to smooth it/ recalculate the curve. So it builds up in memory or something, and makes it really impossible to draw complex curves in one stroke. Not sure if it's your exact problem btw, but I suspect it is related.
  3. What does "high precision tablet input" do? When I have it enabled, and want to simply transform any object or stroke with my tablet, it lags incredibly, to a point where I have to wait a couple of seconds for the program to be done, while it's instantenous with my mouse. When drawing quickly, it looks like the polling rate of the pen position and pressure is higher in the precision mode, ans the lines are much less "blocky" and curves are smoother (before I let go of the pen, and they're smoothed more by the software). Is that right? I'd love to have more control over the pressure changes in my strokes, as it's clearly less accurate (compared to illustrator cs5 for example), and the curve smoothness, but as it is now, it doesn't quite work, also because of the aggressive smoothing/averaging applied by the program after the stroke is finished. Could you guys shed some light on that feature and where you wat it to go? Thanks! I'm using intuos 3 and cintiq 27 btw.
  4. It would be extremely useful for me to be able to define more than one slice per layer, or be able to limit what a slice exports to a single layer instead of the whole stack. Right now exporting to bitmaps with transparent parts is impossible to do sometimes if you want a non-destructive workflow. Related to exporting slices: when renaming a layer after a slice has been created, that name needs to be manually also updated in the slice name, which is a pain. I'd rather it also updated when I change the layer name.
  5. I'm trying to export assets for production. Assets that look like in the WYSIWYG editor, which I assumed Affinity Photo was, but I'm not able to export a png of a layer that retains the look of said layer that I create in your software. I honestly can't understand how someone decided AP or AlD has reached release candidate stage. This and many other "known issues" in your software are clear proof this is beta-stage software we are testing here, foolishly thinking we bought a software package suitable for production work. Maybe if your roadmap would focus on fixing the "known issues" instead of new features, Affinity would become serious competition for adobe, but right now I guess I'll have to wait a couple of years until your doftware matures enough to be used.
  6. When I make just the HUD3.0 layer visible, and then merge visible, I get the same error - you immediately see a change in how it looks. The same result as with rasterize. I have AP version The difference with merve visible, is that the live adjustment layer is handled correctly. But I cannot merge layers each time I want to export a slice - that defeats the whole point of a "non-destructive workflow". Is that what you see too?
  7. Yes, here is a file. There are many errors I get when rasterizing it: the live adjustment layer affects layers outside of the group it is in (WHY?), and all kinds of layer blend modes are screwed up when rasterizing as well it seems. I cannot believe there is no option to preserve layer blend modes when flattening a group, but I can't find it. Appreciate your help on this! rasterize error.afphoto
  8. Hi, I just exported a slice of a layer group, where one of the sublayers has the "color" mode, and others "passthrough". Yet, when I look at the resulting png, I see that all sublayers are exported as if they were passthrough, so it looks like the color mode is ignored. Am I doing something wrong? Edit - the same thing happens when I simply rasterize the group - many layer modes inside are ignored, and the resulting look is completely changed. Help please!
  9. Yep, it's a priority for me too. I need to have it perfect when expanding font glyphs for instance. Please fix this! And give us control over freehand line smoothing while you're at it, as it's just as badly influenced by this when drawing small things... which is extremely annoying.
  10. Thank you for your answer. I knew about the different scales you can export, but I want to make two different slices off one layer, with each a different dimention and position. Is that doable? On a related note: when I export a slice @0.5x, and open the file in AP, it is opened twice as big as the actual dimentions (and of course very pixelated), but when I view it in any other application, it looks normal. Any idea why? When I export an 500x500 image with "250w" for instance (250 pixels wide), it does not rescale it in AP, but it does so when I export at "0.5x"...
  11. Is there a way to create multiple (differently sized) slices from one layer (the one with a yellow icon)? Or is there a way to "restrict" a (normal, one with a purple icon) slice to a layer, that is to have its content only contain a specific layer, even if the slice overlaps another visible layer? Thanks!
  12. I've just discovered what looks like a bug: When you make a small shape, and set the stroke to a wide value, it "looses connection" with the shape and the outline is drawn incorrectly. See attached example and try it out for yourself. All 3 alignment settings are buggy, as well as the join options. Has this been reported earlier?
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