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  1. I agree. I have a very chaotic workflow and my projects (animation, print, interface design) use footage from all kinds of places. Usually whenever the project is done, or whenever I have to share it with colleagues I use the Package or Consolidate functions so I'm freed from any worries that opening projects could result in missing footage. I highly recommend this feature as soon as possible.
  2. That is unworkable. I wanted to delete Indesign so that I could focus on Publisher. Having both doesnt work for me because when under stress I would opt for the easy way (the way I know) too fast. Whenever I try something new I try to remove the old ways.
  3. A (non design) collegue handed me over a PDF document which I had to place in a correct canvassize and with bleeds and cropmarks. It took me more than an hour and resulted me experimenting with Acrobat, Apple Preview, visiting the forums and eventually I had to fix it in Adobe Indesign. By importing the original PDF fonts kept being replaced resulting in a mess of a document. Just importing a flattened PDF via Acrobat almost did the trick but not enough. I just want to be able to import a PDF with the guarantee that it will be the original design. The fact that Indesign did the trick in just 2 minutes, made me question if I did right by trying to cross over the Affinity Publisher.
  4. Many thanks! It works fine now. Very odd that I had to reset the program because I just started using it. This was actually my first try out. I hope the devs bring the 'show bleed while designing' option asap too. Thanks again!
  5. I think I tried that, and I just retried, could you check it out? I also tried using an artboard but that makes no difference.
  6. I've been really exited to make a switch from Illustrator to Designer but I'm having difficulties with the bleed setting and exports. This is really annoying me big time and it should not be this hard to achieve. I hope I don't have to go back to Illustrator for this. So I've done the following: Set up a new doc 80mm x 50mm with the bleeding option set to 3mm. So in fact the document should be 83 x 53 mm. I now understand that Designer does not show the bleed while in the design process, so I'll try to ignore that (When is it coming?) Then, when going to PDF export, I turn ON the [Include-bleed] option and turn ON the [Include Printer Marks] (such as cropmarks) The outcome is a PDF file with cropmarks but no bleed Then, when going to PDF export, I turn OFF the [Include-bleed] option and turn ON the [Include Printer Marks] (such as cropmarks) The outcome is a PDF file with cropmarks but no bleed What am I doing wrong? I created a Youtube vid with this exact problem. Many thanks for helping!
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