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  1. Hello, I've been enjoying Affinity Designer professionally for quite some time. I often use it for character designs and end up having many copies of the same shape. Sometimes I need to make a change to one of those shapes. Recently, what I noticed is, that when I make a change to one particular shape, it applies the changes to all the other shapes: In this picture above you cann see that all six shapes have the same attributes. Stroke, fill color etc. Then I changed the fill color to shape on the far left and it changed the fill color of ALL shapes automatically, as shown above. Here is the thing: I DO NOT have these shapes in Studio / Symbols, meaning I don't have them linked in any sort of way. Maybe I'm missing some simple basic toggle option, that allows me to disconnect these links. Also infuriating is the fact, that when I perform an UNDO, it just un-does the changes to the far left shape and ALL OTHERS are left in the new state (in this case fill color: white). I would greatly, greatly appreciate your help, as sometimes I end up manually reversing all changes, which can take hours when you have large canvases and countless artboards with the same shapes. Thank you!
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