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  1. WJo

    Extreme CPU Usage

    Hey Chris B, thanks a lot for the answer. I have tested my Affinity with OpenGL an disabled Hardware Acceleration. Its a bit better now but noch really. The CPU in develop persona is up to 200% + Is this normal for the Develop Persona?
  2. Hey, I am using Affinity Photo for MacOS on my MacBook Pro 13" 8GB RAM, i5 (MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4) But if I want to work with RAW (Develop Persona) the CPU usage from Affinity goes extremely up. The Mac is really really really loud then and there is no way to work smooth with the develop persona. After changing to photo persona the CPU goes to a normal level. Is this a bug or is my Mac to weak for developing RAW images? Is there any way to solve the problem? Greetings!