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  1. Thank you very much for your answer! I'm going to use this trick. Anyway, I still think they should implement a more direct way to avoid this unpleasant issue.
  2. Well, sometimes this could be an option, but not always. For example with shapes that overlap only partially.
  3. ernesto94

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    Hi, I'm Ernesto. I'm learning vector graphic and enjoying Affinity Designer a lot.
  4. Hi, thank you very much for the exhaustive answer. I've tried it and it worked. The aliasing is a bit more pronounced though (I attach an example.) The software knows what shapes are on top and what ones lie perfectly under them, so I think an option should be implemented to optimize this issue, at least during exportation. (i.e by preventing any pixel to appear if it belongs to the bottom layer).
  5. Hi, I have the very same problem. I attach an example exported from an artboard (to see the white borders you need a black background). Thanks ER
  6. Hi. I'm struggling with this problem: whenever I have perfectly overlapping shapes, I can see a very tiny black border belonging to the bottom one (none of the shapes have a stroke). Here a clear example: I create a black circle with no stroke and duplicate it, making the second one white. I attach the result. Thanks ER

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