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    palerider reacted to Lee D in Affinity books.Worth the buy or?   
    Hi palerider,
    Have you checked out the workbook pages on the Affinity website, they provide more information on whats inside and gives a sneak peak at one of the chapters. This hopefully gives you an idea of what the rest of the book is like.
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    palerider reacted to MEB in Live Filters Macro Pack download issues   
    Hi palerider,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Regarding additional resources take a look at this page. I've listed quite a few that have been shared here in the forums. Some links to commercial ones as well.
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    palerider reacted to walt.farrell in Live Filters Macro Pack download issues   
    You can find a lot of things in the Resources forum here in the Affinity forums.
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    palerider reacted to walt.farrell in Live Filters Macro Pack download issues   
    For a .afmacros file you would start Affinity Photo, View->Studio->Library, then click the settings icon on the right side of the Library studio header, and choose Import Macros. Then navigate to and select your .afmacros file.
    (Note that, if you instead had a .afmacro file (no "s" on the end) you would use the Macro studio to import it, rather than the Library studio.)
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    palerider reacted to toltec in having a problem sizing pics for website products   
    If I understand you correctly, you want identical size final pictures, with different zoom levels and different cropping from the original photos.

    I made an Affinity Photo document 200 pixels by 300 pixels. I then "Placed" the pictures (File > Place) one by one and zoomed them in to achieve the crop I wanted. That is easy to do when placed by just resizing the placed image layer. It will crop the image to the page (or canvas) size, no matter how much it overlaps the edges.
    Because the document is 200 x 300 pixels, all pictures output at exactly 200 x 300 pixels, no matter what the original size of the picture or the zoom or crop ratio. There is no need to fiddle about with dpi setting or resolution, Affinity Photo does it all for you. Just concentrate on getting the zoom and crop right. Those four pictures took about one minute.
    The final quality is decided by how many pixels there are. So a 200 x 300 pixel image will always be 200 x 300 pixels. Nothing you can do about that. That is just websites for you.
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    palerider reacted to R C-R in having a problem sizing pics for website products   
    The zoom level just sets how much of the document is visible in the workspace window -- it only changes what is displayed. It has nothing to do with the dimensions or aspect ratio of the document itself. When you crop a document, the zoom level automatically changes to fill the workspace window with the cropped image, so it is not actually getting any bigger.
    The dpi setting is irrelevant for exporting to web pages; it is for printed output. (See the Understanding DPI video tutorial for more about that.)
    If you want every product photo to be the same size (IOW, have the same height & width) on the web page, they must all have the same aspect ratio (the same ratio of height to width). You can do this with the Crop Tool in the "Custom Ratio" mode. So for example, if most of your products are bottles you could use a 2 X 3 (2 units wide by 3 units high) setting & save that as a custom preset to make it easy to apply that aspect ratio to all your shots. You will need to adjust the position & size of the crop box as needed for each photo.
    When you export the photos (for example, to a web-friendly format like JPEG) you can set the size (in pixels) in the export dialog. Make sure the lock is on. This will ensure that the aspect ratio is maintained. The quality (for JPEG), pixel dimensions, & resampling method will determine the file size & quality of the photos -- larger dimensions & higher quality settings will look better but take longer to download & thus longer before your potential customers will see the entire web page.
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