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  1. Okay, now that I've finished up the project I was working on, I was able to reinstall I can reproduce the hotkeys issue (and a crash) 100% of the time. I'm pretty sure this is the issue I was getting as I mentioned in my previous post, it always seemed like it happened after I pressed the ESC key. And to answer the moderator's question, I am using a US locale, US keyboard. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, latest updates and drivers. Steps to reproduce: 1) Start a new project. 2) Use the pen to create a new line. Two points is all you need. 3) Click on the Stroke properties in the toolbar, and then click on the Pressure option. I've attached a screenshot of what it should look like at this step. If you press ESC without modifying the Pressure properties, Affinity Designer will crash. If you modify the Pressure properties (eg, change the curve or add points) and then press ESC, Affinity Designer won't crash, but the hotkeys will stop working until you restart. I did check the Preferences to make sure the hotkeys are still assigned and they are. Also, I don't think this is the only sequence that reproduces it, but I'm just so used to using ESC to dismiss those little "sub" panels that I ran into it a lot after installing 1.6.4. Hopefully this helps.
  2. I am experiencing a similar (if not the same) issue with where all hotkeys stop working. Essentially, once it happens, hotkeys like "P" (pen) or "A" (node) no longer do anything, and neither do general hotkeys like CTRL+Z or CTRL+C/V. Curiously, though, you can still type into textboxes (like changing a layer name or editing a stroke width), so it is still processing the keyboard, just not any of the hotkeys. Since I have a project that I have to must get completed, I have temporarily rolled back to as well. Plus, 1.6.4 has crashed on me a couple times while 1.6.2 rarely, if ever, did. Once I'm done with my current project, I will probably go back to 1.6.4 and see if I can reproduce the error. I didn't get a chance to see if the hotkey file was getting "nuked" or modified, however, I will say that simply restarting Affinity Designer would fix the issue (until it happened again). For me, though, it was never one minute into working - it was way more random than that. Sometimes I could work for an hour, sometimes five minutes. I feel like sometimes it would happen when I was modifying stroke properties from the drop-down on the toolbar (not the panel on the right) and then pressed ESC to dismiss the properties drop-down. But honestly I'm not 100% sure.
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