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    wVanDyck reacted to CartoonMike in The Pumpkin Tutorial   
    @Kathrin -- Yeah, ComicLife is one of those apps that some may disparage, but like with any tool, the more you use it, the more you find out just how powerful it is. I wouldn't consider doing a tutorial any other way now. Especially since v3 now can import scripts from text/rtf files that you can drag and drop onto the page area. I think of ComicLife as being InDesign for comics. 
    Speaking of which, I am making some incremental progress on finishing the tutorial. It's on track to be finished sometime around Thanksgiving (US), so expect it by the end of the month. The finished tutorial will be replacing the original documents, btw. I've made some corrections and additions to what was already in part 1 to accommodate the changes in 1.1.2 and the most current beta.
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    wVanDyck got a reaction from KiraPgek in LEGACY: Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials   
    Purchased and installed Affinity Photo as soon as the word got out.
    Thank you so much for these tutorials!
    Bravo to the Affinity team!!!
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    wVanDyck reacted to R C-R in Managing brushes, swatches, styles etc. between Photo and Designer   
    I tend not to put much in my home folder Documents folder, mostly to keep file paths a bit shorter, so at the top level of my home folder I have an "AFFINITY" folder for everything related to Photo & Designer. In it are subfolders for Photo documents, Designer documents, & one named "* BRUSHES, PATTERNS, PALLETS" which is a catchall folder for those three items plus everything else related to Affinity that is not a document file.
    This last folder includes exported shortcuts, .afmacros collections I have downloaded, the keyboard shortcuts downloaded template files, folders for saved png patterns & texture fills from an older version of PSE, & even a zipped backup of the NIK collection installer. Like the exported shortcuts & .afmacros files, the styles, palettes (swatches), & brushes folders are basically backups for things that are already available in the apps, mostly in .propcol (property collection?) files, so that if I I have to reset one of the apps I can import them again. The Brushes subfolder is divided into Raster & Vector subfolders, & elsewhere there are subfolders for AD & AP related items if they are not the same for both.
    This probably is not typical & maybe a bit over the top but it suits me -- I am a big believer in redundant backups.
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    wVanDyck got a reaction from peter in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi Peter,
    Thank you for the links.
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    wVanDyck reacted to peter in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi Wally & jstvnsn
    welcome to the forums
    Don't forget to visit the road map to see what's coming next.
    Let's see what you can do...I've put my favourite pins on my Pinterest board... here's a few from it  
    As for the various tutorials, MEB has kindly posted these links here
    Should be enough to get the ball going.
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