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  1. Hey All, Just wondering if anyone has been experiencing this as well. I've had two affinity photo document (basic photo retouching) that seems extremely sluggish on Catalina 10.15.1. Basic functions are taking a lot longer than on Mojave. Has anyone had this experience? T
  2. Excellent! More fun to be had. Just learned something new. Thanks a lot! 3D Circle Design.afdesign
  3. Okay I need help with shadows. How does one get a sharp edge on one side, and it continually blurring? I'm looking at the shadow, and I see a sharp shadow edge where the shadow would be most defined. Then, I see it fade out and blur. How does one achieve this?
  4. Woah! Thanks so much @dutchshader! And thanks for the file. Now I get to do something great for work. Thanks again! Much appreciated.
  5. I can see that those shapes are simply cut and shifted horizontally. I'm mainly asking about the beautiful natural-looking shadow below each side. I'm wondering if there are any tutorials out there which can explain how to do that.
  6. I'm mainly interested in the shadows / 3D look to it. Can Affinity Designer do something like this?
  7. Wow! That worked like a charm. I adjusted the background to make it as bright as possible before doing this. Thanks! image attached.
  8. Hey all! I'm looking for some new ideas on how to capture a natural shadow on an image. I've attached a RAW product photo that I shot really fast, as well as a processed image with a bit of a natural shadow. I really want to create images with natural shadows, and transparent backgrounds. Currently, here's my technique: Create a duplicate of the image, and hide the bottom copy Use the Pen tool to cut out the top copy, deleting the background Hiding the top copy, I usually do a rough cut of the shadow I want and mask out the ramp from the image itself, trying my best to isolate just the shadow. Combine both layers / tweak, output. My question to you is: are there any other ways you would suggest working to isolate the shadows of product images? I'm doing this for a website and want a consistent look. Thanks for any advice! Tyler IMG_7861.CR2
  9. Hey Walt, That could be it. I can definitely reproduce this crash. Group Objects Apply De-noise filter Poof
  10. Hey Guys - love the new 1.7 updates. I grouped two images together and tried to apply a de-noise live filter to them, and the app crashed. Upon re-opening the file, there was no autosave or restore dialog presented. Something I'm doing wrong? Tyler
  11. Hello again - I have a basic question about theory that maybe you all experienced designers can help with. What's the main purpose of the "Export Persona" and how does it differ from exporting from File > Export? Is there a quality difference? Thanks - T
  12. @firstdefence Strange...it'll just hang there forever. I've had to 'force quit" it multiple times. I have a Macbook Pro, 2013, with Mojave. What did work was creating a new doc and performing the subtraction there, then copying and pasting back into the original.
  13. Hey gdenby, Thanks! "Subtract" method is taking forever on my computer...did it do that for you?
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